Gotta get in gear! It’s getting on toward my bedtime!

I was all ready to go to bed last night when I realized I hadn’t started charging my MP3 player that I got off eBay. I bought it so I can listen to the material I missed during the Body Enlightenment System. I want to be able to do that while I walk every day. It will take me awhile to get through it at that rate but slow and steady wins the race! I had to load the software on my computer before I could plug in the player and that took, seemingly, FOREVER. I went on to bed and when I’d get up to go to the bathroom, I’d come in and click on the next thing. Finally, it was time to plug in the player. I had to leave it plugged up all day to get fully charged.

I’d gotten up in time to exercise but this was vision therapy morning. HOWEVER, I spent so much time on the player that I didn’t have time for it, either.

Breakfast was a banana/mango/romaine smoothie. It drew quite a bit of interest.

I had to go over to the nursing home and learn the Accounts Payable system enough to be able to cut the checks to cover payroll should the need arise. Things do happen.

When I got out of there, I took a couple of turns around the building. I went back to my office and had some plums.

Lunch was a mango/spinach smoothie and some peaches. Three of the people at the table tried the smoothie and they all liked it. It really was good. Close your eyes and it tasted like mango pudding.

Not long after that, I did another two laps. My time is getting shorter. I’ll have to walk farther to get in 15 minutes. It was more like 12 or 13 today.

I’d taken some figs I picked this morning and I ate them this afternoon. They were better than the ones I got from the co-op but they still don’t have the wonderful perfume-y taste that I associate with figs. I don’t know if I could fertilize them with something that would bring out more fig flavor or not.

The kitchen supplies the breakroom with sugar, salt, fake sweeteners, etc., so I got several packets of aspartame today. I brought them home and sprinkled the contents around the fig tree. It was supposedly originally manufactured as ant poison from what I’ve read. Now, I know there is a spoof article about this but I know people who have tried it and it has worked. The ants love the figs and they must go after the sweetest ones because there are others they leave alone. I’ll report the results here if there are any. I ate a few figs while I was in the vicinity.

One of the Lunch Bunch gave me some tomatoes, plus the radiology supervisor did, too, so I have feasted. I flipped to the wrong menu page this morning so I was a week behind. When I discovered my mistake, I went ahead and stayed the course. I had corn chowder for supper–not even what was on the menu for last week but it’s what I had the ingredients for. Then I had Fred’s Mom’s Salad for the grand finale.

Twinkle is looking at me like she wants to be fed so I’ll do that and get ready to fly up, as my mother would have said.

Take care and check out the forum! I need some people who will post! The membership is growing but the same few are the ones doing the writing.

Good night!

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