Someone from Colville, WA, keeps trying to call me. He left a message once but I couldn’t understand it. He was asking me something about how I am doing with my diet and I wonder if it’s the person who was once my coach on BES before Krissy put me on her team…

I got up early enough to measure and find that the salt in the Tajin has boosted my measurements up by an inch and a half. One half inch was in my hips and that’s okay because I was down to 34 inches and that’s close to being skinny. I’d put a pound on and that’s probably fluid. Shame on me!

Got all my exercises in and had over a quart of OJ for breakfast. I went out to sun while the team call proceeded. Krissy lives in Switzerland and she had the time down wrong so the coach didn’t make it until the hour was almost up. We had a good call before she got on and a good one after she did so nothing was lost.

I have my new buddy. She’s a woman who is 55 years old. Not too far away from my age. I’ve e-mailed her but I haven’t heard back.

After I got off the phone, I fixed a half gallon or so of watermelonade. Then I had a couple of large peaches. My lunch was Fred’s Mom’s Salad. I put too much onion in it but I persevered and ate it. It was still good–just a little too spicy.

My daughter called and, for a wonder, I didn’t have the computer online. We didn’t talk as long as usual because there was a film crew coming to do some shots in their guest bedroom. My son-in-law was in the process of making cookies.

I needed to clean out the fridge so I started in on that. A storm blew up and kept me from sunning this afternoon, anyway. During a break in the rain, I took some stuff out for the compost pile and I checked the fig tree watering. Some more of the figs were ready to eat so I ate ’em. That is, the ones that the ants hadn’t gotten into. They have more flavor than the ones did last year–or maybe I can taste better.

I came in and made a salad of romaine, cucumber, and tomato and dressed it with Matt’s dip. I made just enough for the salad. Then I had a tomato with Tajin.

The refrigerator was waiting. I finished it up and loaded the coolers in the car for the trip to pick up the produce tomorrow. The head of the operation called to tell me that the mangos had gone up by seven cents each and I told her to go ahead and get them. She said they are nice big ones. At that price, they are still cheaper than the ones at Wal*Mart.

One of my goals for the next two weeks is to go to bed by 10:30. I’m going to have to hurry to do it. I’d better sign off and feed Twinkle.

Good night!

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