This promises to be another late night but I’m going to get this out of the way and then proceed on the bulletin.

Today would have been my mother’s 102nd birthday had she lived. By the time she was 100, four months, and 10 days old, she was so miserable that it was a relief when she breathed her last. I do miss her more than I’ve ever missed anyone else in my life. She was a very special person. I talked to one of my sisters today and we both got a little teary thinking about her. Another sister e-mailed saying that she misses her, too. I was looking back at one of my June 2005 entries. Her 99th birthday picture that I took is there and I’ve chronicled what I ate. Now, THAT’S pretty scary. I had NO idea what I was doing! Then Roger got hold of me and set me on the Straight and Narrow.

I got up too late to exercise this morning. Breakfast was a banana/raspberry smoothie. The raspberries were pretty blah so I poured it back into the blender and put a little cinnamon with it to make it more palatable.

It was on up in the morning before I had a chance to walk, plus the administrator wanted to meet with me. It was getting quite warm but I did my two laps anyway.

Lunch was six tomatoes with Tajin ::gasp!:: and romaine lettuce. It was lots better than anything else I saw at the table. Today was salad bar day at work but the limp lettuce and plastic tomatoes just don’t do it for me. Everything comes pre-packaged and it’s pretty sad. Or should I say SAD? (You might have to be a raw foodist to get the reference there.)

Later in the afternoon, I walked two laps again. At least I got in a half hour that way today.

I got another Annual Competency out of the way. I’d intended to do two but time has a way of slipping on by. I have it printed off and ready to go, anyway. Then I’ll do the last two tomorrow and if they pass muster with the campus coordinator, I’ll be through for another year. Hurrah for our side!

It was produce day. I always check for bananas on Thursday because Friday is when the shipment comes in. There is method in my madness. Any bananas they have will be getting ripe and I prefer them that way. They were barely speckled so I paid full price but I’d rather have them than the glow-in-the-dark green that are available whenever they first come in. I got a half dozen mangos and some Bing cherries, too.

I worked my way home by way of the two fruit and veggie stands on the mountain. I got peaches at both and tomatoes at one. The Tomato Man gave me a couple of red sweet peppers for nothing. I could have hugged him but he has heart trouble and that might push him over the edge.

When I got home, I’d planned to fix the Carrot Juice Soup and then have some gumbo but the soup was so much and so filling that I let it go at that. I ended up fishing out the avocado and eating it and throwing the last few spoonfuls away. Then I had a couple of pieces of dehydrated papaya with a drizzle of agave nectar.

Now, I have to get busy and do the bulletin. It will be a good night when I get to bed.

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