Since it was Sabbath and my “day off” exercising, I slept in for a little while this morning. It was nice to wake up naturally and not have to get up before I wanted to. I think of waking as “swimming up from the abyss.” I don’t know why. It just seems apt.

Breakfast was an OJ/strawberry/spinach smoothie. It was, as my sister would say, double-dee! I had to drink it on the way down the mountain because I had to go by the hospital and copy the bulletin. Usually, someone stops me with a question if I go in like that but no one did today. I had all sorts of problems getting the bulletin to print the way it should but it finally lined up so it wasn’t upside down and backwards. I got to the church with a few minutes to spare and some of the nice people pitched in and helped me fold them.

The piano is back! It still needs some work because the pianist said there are some keys that either don’t sound or only sound part of the time. The tone is beautiful but the touch has changed. She didn’t like that, either. She said that she was having to hit the keys very hard to get the volume out of it that she did. Which wasn’t much.

The pastor and his family made it back from Seattle after standing in line for four hours. He’d taken a picture of the airport and it was people as far as you could see. He said that, if you looked the other way, it was just the same. His sermon was on patience and he said they’d learned a lot about it.

After church, one of the visitors I hadn’t seen for a long time was amazed at the change in me. That was gratifying.

When I got home, I had what I had been supposed to have for breakfast–fruit soup. It was OJ poured over peaches and strawberries. The peaches were a little overripe and the strawberries not too delicious so I ended up blending it all into sort of a “nectar” that was very good.

After I’d finished drinking it, I changed and went out to lay in the sun. I stayed out for an hour and dozed off a couple of times. A lot of the time I spent thinking about one of my friends who had a little incident today with eating some crackers and hot sauce. She was very upset with herself and e-mailed me that, after eating 100% raw for 33 days, she was back at Day One. I think that’s a mistake that a lot of people make in every area of life. They focus on the one error in judgement and forget all about the positive things. When I came in, I sent her a message and let her know how I felt about the whole thing.

I was making my mango salsa when my son called to talk about a woman who is the Regional Character. I put him on speakerphone and continued on. When we hung up, I finished it and ate it with romaine lettuce leaves. It was good but a little spicy for my taste. And I used to want things HOT, and the hotter the better!

The menu called for a no fry stirfry but I was too full to even think about it. Some time later, I ate some tomatoes with Tajin. Even the Tajin tasted too spicy! One of the Mastery forum members was talking about liking sun-dried olives so I decided I would try one just the way it comes out of the jar. It wasn’t as bad as before because I knew what to expect but give me a good ripe mango any day!

So…another day of eating is over and I’m about ready to go to bed. I’m counting on a good night’s sleep! Hope everyone does the same.

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