Let’s see…I need to go back to yesterday. I got up and did all of my exercises except for the NT and HR.

Breakfast was a banana/peach/blueberry/spinach smoothie. I took a turn around the building I don’t remember how many times but it was getting pretty warm.

Lunch was three mangoes. They filled a good-sized bowl.

I took another walk after lunch but I don’t think I went around twice. I’ve slept since then.

When I got home, I had a coconut and this time, it was like it’s supposed to be. It was full of water and the meat was a thin “wash” that was easily spooned out. Then I had some tomatoes.

Supper was a mix of tomatoes, avocado, red sweet pepper, and spinach. It was good!

I got the bulletin done but I didn’t have the information for the service. I’d talked to the pastor earlier in the day. He and his family were in the airport in Seattle waiting in line. It was a terrible day to travel. He said they had repacked everything the night before and made sure there was nothing in their carryons that shouldn’t be. They’d been in line for an hour, their plane was supposed to take off in another 40 minutes. I haven’t heard from them since but I trust they got back.

This morning, I had time to do about 40 minutes exercise. I didn’t do my NT and HR. That’s getting to be an old refrain. Breakfast was a banana/peach/spinach smoothie.

It was raining (finally!) but it quit long enough for me to take a couple of turns around the buildings. I was able to do another one this morning before lunch.

Lunch was a banana/peach/romaine smoothie. Kind of redundant, but I got my greens in.

I walked around and around twice to make a total of five times for today.

I stopped a couple of places on the way home and bought some FOOD.

No coconut today. The menu for next week calls for coconut so I’m kind of hoarding the last three. I had some watermelonade and this time I remembered the lime juice. My first course for supper was tomato, lime, and parsley blended together. Then I had three ears of corn cut off cream style. I was to eat as much as I wanted and I did!

As soon as I can, I’m heading to bed. Oh! I forgot! I really did forget to take the bulletin to work so I’ll have to take it by the hospital tomorrow to copy it. When I got home, it was still on the printer. Bleaah!

So…Happy Sabbath! and good night!

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