It’s after midnight and I’m not even close to getting to bed! It’s been an exciting evening! And I’m bound to overdo the exclamation points!

First things first. Let’s get my day out of the way. I got up and exercised, but I didn’t get the NT and HR in. Breakfast was a cantaloupe smoothie. One of Roger’s forum members (and a member of my forum, too) is Priyam. He had posted that creation and it’s everything he said it was! Cut up a cantaloupe and blend it (without the rind and seeds). It gets to be very creamy and rich. It was delicious!

There was a big bag of cherry tomatoes when I got to work and I snacked on them off and on all morning. Not on the menu but they were good!

I took a couple of turns around the buildings.

Lunch was a banana/peach/romaine/coconut smoothie. I shared the coconut with some of the others and I don’t think they quite knew how to react. It’s quite soft and they are used to hard, dry, and crunchy.

When I got off work, I headed to the other side of the mountain “to see what I could see.” I checked on Mother on the way. The grass had been mowed recently. She would appreciate that. She was always very particular about her lawn.

I got a box of oranges and some okra at one place and headed for Wally World where I got the rest of the things I needed.

When I got home, I opted to just fix some gazpacho since it was already pretty late. I’d gotten the durian out of the freezer last night and intended to kill it later. I did just that and it proved to be very stubborn. I finally hacked at it with a knife until I got it open. It was a great disappointment. No smell, no taste. Not a good durian at all. I don’t know if it was because it had spent so much time in my freezer or not. To console myself, I did in a young coconut and it was almost as mature as the one last night. Surely they don’t mature as they sit in the fridge! I drank the water and ate a little of the meat and put the rest in a container in the aforementioned fridge.

I dialed into the graduation call and it was very good. The instructor took us through some EFT exercises and then the exciting parts came. They announced that they had been watching the forum and there was one person who stood out from the rest and it was–ME! Seems being a “loudmouth” has finally paid off! My reward is the Perfect Health Program valued at $297! I’d wanted it for a long time but hadn’t been able to see my way clear to buy it. One other person was recognized for her achievements (which is more important than posting) and she gets a lifetime membership in the Mastery. Now, that’s priceless! My good friend, Shari, sent me this card to celebrate. It’s beautiful! Take a minute to look at it.

Some 25 people had asked to have something to say. I wasn’t one of them but my coach asked me to talk, anyway. Well, that isn’t hard for me to do so I did. So I’m a graduate of the Body Enlightenment System. And I’m going to go to bed now that it’s already tomorrow.

Good night!

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