Today was a partial fast

Today was a partial fast so I had time to do all of my exercises even though I didn’t get up when the alarm went off.

I was supposed to only drink water until lunchtime and I made it! I got a little hungry but I wasn’t weak or washed out like I used to be if I missed a meal when I was eating cooked.

Since I had to go get the mail and go to the post office, I didn’t get to walk while it was still cool enough. By the time I got around to it, I only did a crescent rather than a circle. 🙂

Lunch was a banana/peach/romaine smoothie. It tasted extra good!

Bananas were marked down to 29 cents a pound at the supermarket so I got about 10 pounds. I stopped at the other one and got a couple of heads of romaine, a couple ears of very fresh corn, and some Italian seasoning so I can make some more of that delicious Magic Tomato Sauce. Somebody on the forum had put away their leftover sauce but I didn’t think to do that. I’m not used to having leftover anything any more.

When I got home, I had some watermelonade and it was downright luscious! Then I had a young (?) coconut. It was full of water but it was getting on toward mature. While the others have had a soft skin of meat that was easily spooned out, this took more work. It’s still yummy and I ended up eating too much of it. I’m going to take it to work tomorrow so I can share and save me from myself. I’d done some other things in the meantime and it was getting too late to eat but I was determined to have Fred’s Mom’s Salad.

Fred's Mom's Salad

This isn’t a beautiful presentation and it’s a little small because I’m down to the end of my “eating” mangos from Florida. I used one mango, one tomato, less than 1/4 red (purple) onion, and some cilantro. I wish I’d had more because that amount just sorta whetted my appetite. I had a little more coconut and then a little more and a little…well, you get the idea. See why I’m taking it to work?

Something strange happened today. I’d ordered The Raw Secrets and The Raw Secrets In a Nutshell several weeks ago and got it very quickly. Today, here comes another copy with the Nutshell! I’ve e-mailed my coach to see who I needed to get in touch with about it and she forwarded it on. The same thing happened when I ordered Instant Raw Sensations and The Best Foods on the Planet. They are very generous but I don’t know that they intend to be THAT generous!

I’d better get to bed. I watched a show I’d recorded–“Who Wants to Be a Superhero?”– this evening and it kind of put me behind. It’s kind of a hokey show but fun. Reason I watched it was because “Creature” is a raw foodist. Someone on a forum said she is “freakishly thin” but I think she is a very nice size. She’s muscular, for sure.

Good night and sweet dreams!

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