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The katydids are in fine voice tonight. I’m still too full to sing so don’t ask me.

It was 11 o’clock before I got to bed last night but I didn’t have to get up before dawn this morning so I “slept in” until a little after 7.

Breakfast was supposed to be a mono-meal and several suggestions were given. I’d gotten a huge cantaloupe yesterday so I settled on half of that. Problem is, it was gone and forgotten and I was hungry. The menu had cautioned not to mix melon and banana but it was long enough that it wouldn’t be mixed so I had a banana not long before I left for church. That stood me in good stead until I got home.

There was still no piano but it’s been promised for next week. The technician was talking to me after church and he told me about all the work he has been doing on it. It sounds like it’s going to be basically a new piano in an old case. He’s put a climate control in it complete with humidifier, dehumidifier, sensor, and who knows what else. Hopefully, it will be in tune with the organ. The organ is electronic so it should have perfect pitch.

After the first song this morning, the leader commented that it was too high for that early. I said I could fix that. I punched the transposer and lowered it a half step. That was fine until a fellow came in who plays the trumpet. He started playing in the middle of the song and realized what I was doing. He played along quite well, considering. I left it but by church, he wasn’t playing with his usual gusto. He came over and asked me if I were doing that on purpose and I told him yes. After the service was over, he let me know that he’d had a lot of trouble with the Doxology. I won’t be able to do that when the piano is back. I don’t think any of the pianists can transpose on cue without practicing. People will just have to sing higher.

When I got home, I decided it was time to kill a young coconut. A long time ago, I’d bought a set of knives that had a cleaver. I had no idea at the time how I was going to use such an implement but it came in handy today. It was still in the original packaging. I got it out and went to work. I made a little square hole in the top of the coconut and sipped the delicious water using a straw. Then I took said cleaver and went out on the front steps and finished breaking it open. I came back in, got a spoon, and spooned the flesh out and ate it all. It was wonderful!

Then I made the second meal on the menu–Absolute Mango Soup. It was mango blended with OJ poured over more mango. I haven’t tried the splitter any more. The soup was delicious.

After a foggy morning, the sun had come out so I took advantage of it for half an hour. It was very pleasant outside. According to WeatherBug, it got up to 98 today but I don’t believe it was that warm here. According to my Acu-Rite indoor outdoor thermometer, the high was 92.7 just before I went out. That was in the sun. It probably wasn’t that hot. The low was 68 at 7:30 this morning.

When I came back in, I made the simple gazpacho. It was really good but I think I like the other better. That was the first course for supper. The second was burritos and that stuff was GOOD! It was a mix of tomatoes, avocado, curry powder, onion, and dulse flakes. It actually tasted like it had beans in it! I don’t know what it was out of all that, but it would satisfy my yen for Mexican any day. I put it in romaine leaves until I was full of romaine and then I finished it up with a spoon. I was going to eat an ear of corn but I was too full.

Tomorrow is Day 29 and there are only 28 days of menus so we are going to be on our own. Frederic sent out an e-mail that it’s going to be Celebration Day and we are to use the expertise we have gained in the four weeks to create beautiful tasty meals. He wants those with digital cameras to take pictures of the creations and e-mail them to him with recipes and tips. I have an idea of what I’m going to do for brunch but I’m still not sure about dinner. The winner will get a signed copy of his second edition of The Raw Secrets that’s out in hardback. I already have it but it would be nice to have one that’s autographed. I’m up against some stiff competition, though. I don’t expect to win but I’ll give it the old college try.

A couple of weeks back, the computers at work had to be upgraded. One of the techs is college age and a camera buff. He has taken some amazing pictures and he sent me several. I’ve had to resize the one of “Jake” to be able to upload it with dialup but here it is:


Once again, you can click on the picture and it will come up larger. The photographer is Justin Givens. I don’t remember what kind of digital camera he has but I know that he has a 35mm Nikon film camera. That’s what I started out with and it was an extension of my arm for a long time. My husband finally bought me my own so he could get his back.

I had better get to bed so I’ll be ready to be creative in the morning. Good night!

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