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I’m in the process of downloading the latest version of Opera. It wouldn’t download from their site so I went to a mirror in Australia and I’m getting an amazingly fast speed for dialup–up to 8KB/s! That’s my crowning excitement!

It’s late because I was on a BES team call tonight. I’m glad I didn’t miss it. This has been such a good experience for me and this is the second team call I’ve been able to attend. There will be one more on Sunday which I will HAVE to remember! My coach has two teams and it was 4 am where she is in Switzerland. She seemed to be well adjusted to the time, though. She said it was dark, peaceful, and quiet with no trucks roaring by or people out making noise. She’s originally from New Zealand, I think, and she loves it in Switzerland.

I overslept this morning and didn’t get any exercising in, vision therapy-wise or anything else.

Breakfast was taken to work in my blender pitcher because I was so strapped for time. It was a smoothie of mangos, strawberries, and spinach and it was delicious!

The sister of an old acquaintance was brought in and I took the first hour and a half at work to help them out. They had their granddaughter with them. She’s young and full of energy so I took her around the buildings with me. The second time, she was talking about not getting any breakfast and she was hungry so I took her into my office and fed her a banana and peaches. She was happy to get them. I left her with her grandpa. We’d gotten him to go out and look at a dog she’d found. She’s going to see if a friend of hers will take it. It’s a beautiful three-legged husky that doesn’t have a loving home.

My snack was a mango–one of the last few “eating” mangos that I have left. I snacked off and on all day on cherry tomatoes.

Lunch was peaches and celery. Fortunately, I’d taken enough to share.

I stopped and bought an onion to make salsa and have gotten a round tuit.

Supper was zucchini pasta with spaghetti sauce. I was tempted not to fix the sauce and go with what I usually have–tomato and basil–but I made it and it was as good as any cooked marinara I’ve ever eaten, I do believe.

After I checked the forums and posted some on all three, it was time for the aforementioned call. I checked the forums again and now I’m ready to call it a night.

Good morning!

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