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This morning was quite simple since today was a fast day. I had a glass of water before I exercised (did all of ’em) and another glass after. I’d had a glass before I went to bed last night, too.

I took two liters of water to work with me and already had one there. Every time I started thinking about food, I’d have some water.

About 10:30, I went out and did a couple of turns around the buildings.

Water, water, and more water!

In the afternoon, I did one more trip around but it was so hot I thought better of doing two.

All told, I had a little over a gallon of water in the 24 hours.

I was ready to leave when 4 o’clock came. I’d started my fast at 6:30 Eastern yesterday evening so I had awhile to wait when I got home. I had a big casaba melon to break the fast. I was primed and ready. Just 23 hours and 57 minutes after I started my fast, I dug into the melon and was extremely disappointed. It wasn’t sweet at all and it made my mouth hurt. I waited for a decent amount of time and had a big bowl full of peaches.

Then I fixed some OJ and proceeded to freeze peaches. I have two mostly full gallon bags in the freezer. When I got through, I drank the OJ/peach juice and it was SOOOOO good! Like the nectar of the gods!

I took some peaches to share with the neighbors but no one came to the door. I don’t know if anyone was home or not but I brought them back.

When I took the food scraps out, I heard cicadas holding forth for the first time this year–at least, as far as I know.

I’m hungry again but it’s too late to eat but tomorrow is another day.

Good night!

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