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It’s been a long day. I’m about ready to hit the hay. I got up a little late this morning but I got everything in except for the NT and HR.

Breakfast was a banana/peach smoothie. I took a couple of turns around the hospital. Break was three kiwifruit. Lunch was a banana/pear/spinach smoothie. I took another turn around the hospital and finished up with rain beginning to sprinkle on me.

With permission, I left early and started on my pilgrimage to get FOOD. I stopped by Mother’s grave and cleaned some bird poop off the stone.

First, I hit Aldi. I got what they had that I needed and moved on. Next was the Asian market. They didn’t have mangos. The nice lady said that they weren’t up to their standard so they didn’t get any. They did have fresh ginger root, papaya, young coconut, and DURIAN! I got a case of nine young coconut. I’d called about it yesterday and told them I’d be there today to pick them up. Someone else had come in and tried to buy them but they held them for me. They assured the other person that they’d have more next week. I think they didn’t believe they would sell and had never stocked them. Maybe they’ll have a new bestseller! I went to a couple of supermarkets and didn’t get anything in the first one and very little in the other. I hit paydirt at the organic market and got most of the stuff I need. When I left there, I got into my snacks and had celery and cherry tomatoes. I also went to Wally World and one other supermarket. While I was in WW, I saw one of my nurse friends from work. She’s also one of the Lunch Bunch. I was on my way to the bathroom (of course) but I was able to control everything while we talked.

It had rained off and on today but had slacked off when I got home. The mail included a copy of the final settlement of Mother’s estate. It made me feel teary-eyed until someone on the radio started singing in a loud unpleasant voice. I could imagine Mother saying, “Turn that off! That man is wailing!” I couldn’t help but laugh. It was just like something she would have said.

I got everything unloaded and ate most of the rest of the watermelon that was in the fridge to give more room. I stowed everything including the nine coconut.

I’m on my way to bed so I’ll bid you a Happy Sabbath and good night!

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