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So many have-to-do things tonight! They’ve kept me up late, yet again!

My day started out late. I only got in the required 20 minutes of exercise. That’s less than half of what I prefer to do.

Breakfast was a banana/pear/romaine smoothie. Not on the menu, really, but it was what I had in the house.

I managed a couple of trips around the building so that added another 15 minutes to my exercising. Still not enough but it’s better than nothing!

I had two kiwi for my snack and lunch was Fred’s Mom’s Salad. Woohoo! I let a couple of people try it and they both liked it.

A call came that my order of peaches had come in. I expected small boxes for $8 each but they were half bushels. And gorgeous! They smell so good! I cut one up and ate it. I’d ordered four boxes–one for me, one each of two other people, and one to split between two. Word got around about them and I called for three more which I lucked up and got. So…I have a bushel of peaches that I’m going to have to work up on Sunday, I think. I hope they keep that long. I may have to do them Saturday night. They aren’t ready yet or I’d try to get off early enough to do them tomorrow afternoon. As it is, I need to make a run to the Asian market and the organic grocery to lay in the supplies I need for next week. And I’ll have to get off early to do that.

When I got home, I had a piece of watermelon. I was supposed to have slaw but I was too late getting a round tuit so I cut up four peaches that were a little bruised and ate them. They weren’t quite as ripe as I like them but they were still good. I think these are Red Havens. I’d love to have some good Elbertas, too, but this is the only trip made to South Carolina for peaches.

There was a BES call tonight and I phoned in after I recharged my OneSuite card. I was down to 17 minutes and it went longer than an hour.

The bulletin master is printed and the covers are, too. My shopping list and menus are ready to take to work so I can punch holes. And I’m going to bed! Good night!

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