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I’m trying my best to get everything done and get to bed before long so I’ll make this brief. I hear that brevity is the soul of wit. Don’t know that this is witty but it will be short.

I sort of slept in this morning and only had time to BodyFlex and do some of the LSEs. It was just about the required 20 minute minimum for BES.

Breakfast was a banana smoothie. I managed to finish it before I left for work.

I did a couple of turns around the building while the computers in the office were getting their “C” drives replaced. Seems IBM recalled the ones that were in them. I never did find out why. I asked if they would catch fire or what but no one shed any light. That involved a lot of computers in our small facility. I’d hate to have to replace all of them in the others. One of the techs was showing me some pictures stored online that he’d taken and they were really good. There was one little boy playing with a soccer ball who was made for the camera.

This is an aside but I’ve been noticing that my cuticles aren’t sticking to my fingernails any more and they look much neater. I don’t have to push them back now. Nice!

I’d taken four kiwifruit today but I never got around to eating them. There were more cherry tomatoes and little Romas and I munched on a bunch of them.

Lunch was fruit salad of mango and peaches with OJ poured over it. It made for a huge salad that I was supposed to eat on romaine leaves. It was super messy that way so I ate them separately.

One of the containers of salsa was finished up and I drank the liquid off of it.

I forgot the tomatoes I ate yesterday afternoon. They were homegrown and delicious! That was in the afternoon.

When I got home today, I was supposed to have a small green smoothie (I did) and a plate full of mango and sliced tomato on romaine leaves (I did) and a large salad (I didn’t). I’d eaten the container of salsa that was here and didn’t have room or time to have the salad. The salsa did convince me that I could still overeat and gain back all the fat I’ve released if I ever went back to eating SAD. The combination of flavors with the stimulation of the salt, garlic, and jalapeno made me want more and more. I finished the whole thing and had to stop because there wasn’t any more.

Roger posted a link on his forum for some audio files including yours truly. It’s a public page so anyone can access them. If you can’t understand me just remember that I’m a Southerner from Tennessee.

I need to check the Body Enlightenment Nook for news, look at my menu planner to see if there is anything I need to do tonight to get meals ready for tomorrow, and get ready for bed.

Night, y’all!

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