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It’s late and I should be in bed but I’m not, so there!

I got up and measured this morning and not only have I not lost any inches–I gained a quarter of an inch somewhere but I don’t remember where and I’m not going to look it up at this hour of the night.

The BES team call was scheduled for 10 o’clock my time. I was able to get in all my exercises but the last few minutes on the Healthrider. It lasted over an hour but it was good to chat with like-minded people and have some give and take. I probably talked more than I should have but, if I had a suggestion I thought was valid, I let them know. At one time, my mother said I was “mealy-mouthed” because I wouldn’t say anything. I guess she and time cured me.

Breakfast was later than usual. I had a banana romaine smoothie. I still have some peaches that need to be used and a boatload of mangos. Later, I peeled and cubed three peaches and a large mango and wallowed in the luxury!

I didn’t get a whole lot accomplished today except on forums. I need to tend to my own and let the others go but it’s HORD! Today, a dear friend of mine posted on the forum and we got some good discussion going. You should check it out! Join while you are there!

My daughter called this afternoon so I took advantage of the situation to go outside while we talked and lie in the sun. I failed to take the timer with me so I pressed her into service to let me know when to turn over. She would get caught up in the conversation and forget. I really have no idea how long I stayed out except it was over 40 minutes. The little neighbor dog came over and was barking at me. One of the older boys came over to get her and apologized profusely. I was outed! I try to stay concealed but I sure wasn’t that time.

After our visit, I looked at the tomatoes and decided that I should have some gazpacho. Actually, I’d been looking for an excuse and I found it. I mixed up about a quart and a half and put the rest of the little Roma tomatoes in it. It was to die for good!

I forum-ed some more and got hungry again so I had some watermelon. My eyes were bigger than my stomach. The other half of what I’d cut is in the fridge. I’ll have it tomorrow.

My toenails needed attention so I filled the tub and took a bath. I cut my nails and shaved my ‘pits. Aren’t you glad I shared that? Problem is, I shaved the right one too close and it’s uncomfortable. I’m sure it will be okay but it isn’t right now.

There were several more tomatoes that needed to be used. I got busy and made some salsa to take to the girls at work. I’m not bragging or anything but I make the best salsa of anyone there. It’s fact, not hype. I use all fresh ingredients with no vinegar or black pepper. I think that’s what ruins everyone else’s. I don’t know why they can’t leave well enough alone but they don’t. I tasted some the other day that was sour. Now, is salsa supposed to be sour? I don’t think so. I could be wrong. I thought I was once, but I was mistaken.

With that, I’m going to bed. Good night, everyone!

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