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I’ve been shopping eBay for some clothes and haven’t found a thing tonight. Plus, on dialup, it can be very slow.

It was past 7 when I got up this morning but it was nice to sleep in and not have to be in a rush.

Breakfast was OJ and a mango. I was supposed to blend the OJ with a mango and pour it over the other mango but I didn’t have time to eat it that way. It would have taken extra time to fix it, too, and I enjoyed it the way it was.

When I was on my way to the organ, one of the ladies stopped me and asked some questions about my eating raw. I answered yes, I have lots more energy and I feel lots better than I used to. She had eaten all salads for a year, breakfast, lunch, and supper. I don’t know how on earth I could do that. She said she didn’t think she’d be able to any more and she wants to eat the way I do. She has a computer and is waiting for her grandson to get it set up for her so I gave her my card. If she does succeed in going 100% uncooked, she will be the only raw foodist I know personally.

One of the members made my day. He came up to the organ prior to my getting started on the service and said, “Before you crank that up, I just wanted to let you know that–I don’t know if it’s because I’m a piano technician or not–I really do like the way you play!” It’s nice to be acknowledged. I asked, “Even with the mistakes?” He said, “I just sing louder then.” I hope everyone does.

Church was very good, as usual. The pastor called on some of the kids for visual aids and it was cute and attention-keeping.

I got outside in time to visit with some of the people before I left and came home.

My snack was a big piece of watermelon. After that, I had a banana/romaine smoothie followed by some peaches.

It’s rained off and on all day. It was 70 degrees when I got home with a high of 76. I didn’t get outside for any length of time, though I poured a lot of the rainwater off my basil plants and sage.

I’d put some almonds to soak this morning. They were for my supper. I went by the recipe in the BES menu planner and made some carrot pate. That was to go into nori rolls, sorta like sushi. I got everything assembled and took some pictures but I won’t take time to upload them tonight. They turned out to be pretty decent, though it was heavier than I’m used to eating and I’m sitting here yawning. I’d had some miniature Roma tomatoes before I ate the nori rolls. I’m not crazy about nori but it wasn’t bad, especially since I cheated a little and had some wasabi with them. I put the rest of the pate on a romaine leaf with some grated zucchini and rehydrated tomatoes I’d dehydrated last summer. It was too much so I ended up throwing most of it away. I had some cucumber and some more little Romas.

Twinkle is trying to get my attention. I’d better go take care of her and hit the hay. Good night!

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