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This morning was vision therapy morning so I stayed in bed a little longer than usual. It was so nice! I could get used to that! Not really. I can’t just lay there but it can feel luxurious.

When I got through exercising my eyes, I had a really yummy mango/spinach smoothie. The first two ripe mangos and I put them in a SMOOTHIE??? Yep, and it was awesome! I did take a few bites alone but I needed to get on down the road and a smoothie is perfect for that because it’s portable.

I’d set my goal to audit three days’ records but I didn’t get to it this morning. I was able to walk for 15 minutes and, in my humble opinion (in computer-speak, that would be IMHO) that was just as important.

I had three peaches (minus a couple slices I gave away) for my snack. Lunch was a banana/romaine smoothie (I was supposed to wrap the bananas in the romaine but that would have freaked the Lunch Bunch out) and three small ears of corn. I cut the first two off and ate the other one off the cob. They weren’t on the menu so I transgressed but they sure were good! I don’t remember if I mentioned the cherry tomatoes yesterday. The same person brought the corn today. Those tomatoes are wonderful and I ate lots.

One of the girls brought me three overripe (to her) bananas so I’m set for another meal.

This afternoon, I got all of one big day audited and started on the second.

When I got home, I had the rest of the second watermelon. The third is chilled and waiting. Then I fixed the salad and dressing and ate. The dressing had tahini in it and when I looked to see how many fat grams there were–24! I didn’t finish it. I ate all of the salad, though.

My friend who is in our “mother” hospital called and we talked for awhile. She is doing a lot better but she doesn’t want to be seen. She admits to having Bed Head.

I had an e-mail from my new buddy and we seem a good pair. We are close in age and have much the same interests. She’s a TN gal, too, though she’s probably four hours away. We’ve already exchanged quite a bit of history. I’m farther along on eating raw than she is but there are lots of people who have been at it longer than I have so it evens out. I’ve been assigned to a different team, too, so I’m almost starting over again though not quite. It would be nice if I could have taken the whole BES month off but that isn’t possible.

Twinkle is letting me know she’s due a meal. I feed her right before I go to bed so she won’t stand outside my door and yowl.

Good night to one and all! (Katydid! She didn’t!)

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