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It was later when I rolled out of bed to face the day. I still got in all of my exercises except for the Nordic Track. I had failed to drink a glass of water before I went to bed last night and I think that may have slowed me down. I’ll have to put that on my “to do” list. At least, the one that’s in my head.

Breakfast was a banana/strawberry/spinach smoothie. I think there was supposed to be some parsley in there, too, but I don’t have any that’s good and fresh. I have some I need to pitch but none to eat.

Today wasn’t nearly as busy as yesterday was. I got three days audited plus one partial day from yesterday. Pretty good.

When I took the things for the courier to pick up, I put in my 15 minutes walking. It had begun to get pretty warm. July in Tennessee!

Lunch was a banana/spinach/celery smoothie and two peaches. I was supposed to put the peaches in with the smoothie but I like to eat them alone. And I’m glad I did it that way. The celery was from the outer parts of the stalk and it was so strong (it’s organic) that I couldn’t drink all of it. I drank maybe half and put the rest under a bush outside the hospital. I hated not to drink it but it was a little much. I’ve had celery in a smoothie before and it’s been good. Not today! I don’t have very many disasters any more so I guess I was due one. The peaches were GOOD!

I didn’t try to walk this afternoon. It got over 100 degrees today. I’d done one lap yesterday afternoon but went back in and finished my walk in the air conditioned hallway.

I’d taken some strawberries for an afternoon snack and shared them with one of the registrars. The other one that was there doesn’t like berries of any kind. Or pears or tomatoes or oranges or or or. I feel sorry for people like that.

When I left work for the day, I swung by to get some 29 cents a pound bananas and some limes. Then it was on up the road to home. My soup course was tomato, celery, basil, and lime juice. It was as good as my lunch was bad! Then I had a repeat of last night’s salad minus the avocado.

My BES coach is trying to spread himself too thin so I’m being assigned to someone else. It is an excellent program, and even though I’m already 100%, it’s nice to have the menus all planned out. It’s getting some variety into my diet and that was one thing I wanted. Now, if I can get down to brass tacks, I can get lots more out of it than that. It’s the most well-rounded program that is available out there for the price. And some of the fat recycling has been phenomenal! One of the women had “released” 13 pounds as of yesterday. Or it might have been the day before. The thing about it is, if you need to lose you will and it can be modified so if you don’t, you won’t. Going further, if you need to gain, you can do that, too, while maintaining 100% raw. The support on the Body Enlightenment Nook is great. I have to check it out in the morning and evening to see what’s going on. There are some amazing people on there. Even if this is the only time I go through the program “officially”, I’ll still have all the material and I’ll be able to go through it whenever I want.

The katydids are singing their song!

Good night!

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