Thank God, it’s Friday! And not only that, it’s after sundown so it’s Sabbath!

I was up in time to do all of my exercises except for NT and HR. Since I already have a routine in place that works for me, I haven’t been doing the ones in the BES. I may try to work some in next week for some variety.

Breakfast was a smoothie of strawberries, bananas, and spinach. The combination was a little uneasy on my stomach but maybe that’s the point.

I was the mail person today. I stopped and got a few things at the supermarkets. PLUS my mangos came (they are very green so it will take awhile for them to ripen) PLUS the person who picks up the early-in-the-week-delivery organic order figured out a way to keep the food cool until she can leave work. I put in an order for this month!

For my snack, I had some organic apricots. It was raining so I didn’t get to go out and walk.

Lunch was a banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie. It was supposed to be romaine but what I got at the organic market must’ve crossed with arugula or something. It has a “bite” to it that will be fine in a salad but not in a fruit smoothie.

This afternoon, it quit raining long enough for me to go around the building a couple of times. There’s a little hill down to Receiving that I went up and down, zigzagging, until I got all the way across. It was pretty good exercise. I’ll have to remember that.

When I left work, I went through town hoping to catch the people with the fruit stand one last time before they quit for the summer. No luck. They had already folded their tents and silently stolen away. They’ll be back in October.

I stopped at the fruit stand on the mountain and got some peaches. One of the girls at work is going to go to a nearby town on Sunday where she got some good ones last weekend. If they still have them, she’s going to get me some.

The blackberries are hanging thick and ripe on the bush outside my front door. I’d told my neighbor to help himself but I guess he isn’t too enthused about picking. I got a bowl and picked, probably, a quart and ate about half. I waited awhile and had a medium piece of watermelon. My recipe for supper was tomatoes, celery, and lime juice. I’m through for the day.

I was looking at my supply of tomatoes. Normally, I would feel like I’m getting low but I have more than I’ll use before they spoil so I took half a dozen to my neighbor. He seemed pleased to get them.

It’s thundering. I’d better get off here before I get zapped. Happy Sabbath, everyone!

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