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Roger says I need to get more rest so I’m trying to listen to the coach.

Last night, I was able to sleep pretty well except for having to get up numerous times to go to the bathroom. I hadn’t “gone” that much yesterday but, after over a gallon of water and a big bowlful of watermelon, I guess my body couldn’t handle keeping it all. While I slept, I slept soundly.

Today is Day 2 of the Body Enlightenment System. I got up and drank my water like a good girl, then exercised, then drank more water. I was still puny so I could only do 25 minutes of the 45.

I was going about my business, having done my morning routine that I’m still not accustomed to when a call came in on CallWave. It was a friend saying that she needed me to come by on my way to work and give her a ride to the hospital. She asked me what time I get there, and I said I usually go in around 8. Seems she had done something to her back three weeks ago and it had gotten worse this morning. She could hardly walk. I told her that she needed to call the ambulance and go to the ER and she finally agreed.

That put me behind a little so I food processed my mangos and was trying to strain the strings out. I gave up on that and ate what I could and dumped the rest into a container to take with me.

When I got to work, I asked if my friend had come in yet but no one had seen or heard from her. I got in the car and went to her apartment complex. The supervisor was out on the walk so I asked her if she knew anything about her problem and she said she hadn’t heard from her this morning except for a message on the answering machine about her (the super’s) upcoming surgery. Long story short, she wasn’t in her apartment and her car was gone. When I got back to the hospital, there she was. She’d been to the doctor’s office–driving herself–and was ensconced in a wheelchair getting registered for x-rays. I chastised her for being so stubborn but she brushed me off. She was hungry so I gave her a banana.

After she left, I took a walk around the buildings and it turned out to be the only one today since it rained off and on this afternoon.

Lunch was four small bananas. I didn’t miss the one Miss Joyce ate.

It was raining when I came home and I was sans umbrella but it wasn’t enough to get me wet.

I was craving watermelon when I got here but I stuck, mostly, to the menu for today. I had a banana/spinach/romaine smoothie. It needed something so I put in a mango.

I’ve done my evening routine and I’m ready to hit the hay. One of my buddies sent me her picture so I could crop it and resize it for the Body Enlightenment Nook. I took care of that and sent it back to her. Think I’ll check to see if she got it uploaded yet. And then I’ll bid everyone a fond adieu!

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