There isn’t much to report today. I got up a little after 7 and started drinking water. I’d e-mailed my coach about whether or not to exercise and he said to go ahead if I felt like it. I didn’t really–I battled the scratchy throat and tender sinuses all day–but I did it, anyway.

I didn’t get anything done on my workbook. I did work on my planner. Other than that, I pretty much took the day easy until late this afternoon.

The sky was a little overcast but I lay outside for half an hour.

I lay down in bed for an hour, though I never did really go to sleep. My daughter and I had our weekly visit.

My buddy finally e-mailed me that he is a busy man, has an 83 year old mother with Parkinson’s and if I wanted another buddy to e-mail Tera. I told him I have a backup and to check in whenever he can.

I posted on the forums off and on today (all four of them). I’m going to have to cut down somewhere. It won’t be on Raw Food Lifestyle, though. I need some more members so come sign up and bring your friends!

It started storming at my afternoon “sun time”. Thirty minutes today was it.

Laundry had to be done. I only did one load.

My water intake was over a gallon. I probably wouldn’t have done that much had I been feeling well. I drank the last glassful half an hour before I was to break the fast.

My evening meal was so much watermelon that I couldn’t eat it all. I threw some of it away and that hurt. I couldn’t force myself to eat any more than I did.

I need to get to bed soon. According to my information, there isn’t a call tonight which is just as well.

Good night! Tomorrow is Day 2!

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