The Body Enlightenment System is getting closer! I’ve downloaded all the material and printed it off. It’s beautiful! It’s well laid out and organized and easy on the eyes.

I woke up when the alarm went off this morning and got up to use the bathroom. Since I had failed to do my vision therapy yesterday (another consequence of feeling like it was Monday all day long) I went back to bed because I was going to do it today. It doesn’t take as long as exercising. I stayed there for maybe 15 minutes and decided I’d roll out and get started.

My left eye did better than my right today. It’s usually the other way around. There was something interesting that I heard on the radio the other day. A tennis player didn’t have “stereo” vision so her doctor gave her a beaded string (similar to the one that is included in the kit) and told her to fasten it to a wall and exercise her eyes with it. Before she started the therapy, everything looked flat–there was no “depth of field”. After doing the exercise for a few days, she was shocked to see things in 3D. Her brain had been reprogrammed so she could see differently.

Breakfast was OJ. I took my smoothie to work with me (banana/blueberries/romaine) and ate it there.

I took a couple of turns around the building for about 15 minutes of walking.

Another watermelon bit the dust and I had some of it for my snack. Lunch was a banana/mango/peach/spinach smoothie, tomatoes, and a cucumber.

There were two more circuits of the building which gave me a full 30 minutes. I try to go a little farther each time, too. Two dachshunds decided to chase me at one point and the owner was embarrassed by all the fuss and apologized profusely.

I ran by the supermarket on the way home and got a few things that I knew I would need. The menu planner for BES hadn’t been posted when I left home this morning. I checked a couple of times through the day, too. I took a chance and went ahead and invested in a box of tomatoes from the Tomato Man.

The menu planner was posted when I got home. I printed it off and, oh my! it had two POUNDS of tomatoes on the shopping list for a WEEK! I’ll have to share some unless there is some provision for me to make some mono meals out of them.

I ordered a case of young coconut today. On the call tonight, I asked Frederic if they were going to be included. He said no, but the only reason is they are hard for some people to get. I also asked him about the two and a half huge watermelons I have. The list included one and it didn’t say “huge”. He said I can use them for mono meals. He recognized my voice and asked me if I were Tommie and I had to plead guilty.

I’m going to have to put the bulletin off until tomorrow afternoon. I’ll be printing it on my printer, too, but I just installed two new cartridges. The others lasted a long time past when it said they needed to be replaced. I hate to do it, but it’s ‘way too late to finish it tonight. The call is still going on after over an hour and 45 minutes. It’s all very interesting. And now it’s over.

Well, I have done all I need to do before I go to bed except feed Twinkle and post this on my blog (I’ve been using OpenOffice to get it into a file). Good night!

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