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It isn’t even dark yet and here I am, blogging! Will wonders never cease?

I got to bed last night at 10:04 by the clock on the bedside table. An hour later, I took a melatonin–the first in I don’t know when–but I was still awake at midnight. I had thought all I wanted to think lying there so I got up and went back online to see what I could see. I answered a couple of e-mails that had come in, checked the forums, posted some and all of a sudden, it was 2 am. It was time to go to bed, for sure, so I did.

When I woke, the sun was already up and it was after 7. I could have slept longer (you THINK?) but I was to hold forth on the organ and I still had the bulletins to take in.

I had a smallish glass of OJ and a banana/blueberry/romaine smoothie. I drank the smoothie on the way down the mountain. I had been “pottin’ around” as my brother-in-law says and had let the time slip away from me. Beings it was Sabbath, I took the day off from exercising.

The congregation was small today because there was an Old Tyme Campmeeting going on at another church–and the piano is still gutted. My new reading glasses improved my organ playing considerably. The speaker had some good thoughts and let us out earlier than usual.

When I got home, I had some of the little plums. I guess what I have are the last of the crop. I couldn’t get any more the other day. Then I had a banana/Bing cherry/spinach smoothie. I ran out of patience, pitting the cherries, and didn’t put enough in the smoothie to flavor it. It was a different color. Then I had half a cucumber. It was a big cuke and I expected it to have big seeds but it didn’t. The other half is in the fridge for tomorrow. I finished off my lunch with some “chili”.

My daughter-in-law called with a problem about my granddaughter so I gave her the benefit of my experience. She called back to get my niece’s phone number and I’ve heard no more.

I changed into my bikini bottoms and the top to my size 18 suit (it is gratifyingly too big) and went out to get some sun. After I’d been prone for a few minutes, I could hear my neighbor on his cell phone. He has to go outside to use it because the signal is so poor. He didn’t come around the building so I was safe from Eyes until his wife and her boss drove up. I kept my eyes closed so they didn’t see me. 🙂 I stayed out for half an hour.

The watermelon was down to just enough for one bowl full so I had at it. After it had time to settle (I eat melon alone), I had an ear of corn. I ended my eating for the day with some more “chili”. I’ll be glad when the homegrown tomatoes come in that don’t need any “help” to taste good. The ones I got yesterday still need to ripen a little.

The forum was up to 35 members the last time I checked. If you haven’t joined yet, go to Raw Food Lifestyle and check it out. We’ve been having some good give and take.

It’s time for me to sign off. I’m going to sleep well tonight, I’m sure. I think I was so wired last night because of everything that’s happened this week and the anticipation of the weeks to come with the Body Enlightenment System. I got two e-mails about it already today. Tomorrow, I should get my first instructions regarding the preparation, food shopping, etc.

Later, y’all!

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