TGIF and I mean that with all sincerity. It’s been quite a week! I didn’t have enough staff most days and today is the end of the fiscal year.

I was late getting to bed last night (surprise!) and late getting up this morning. I didn’t get all my exercises in but I did 30 minutes worth.

Breakfast started with OJ. I blended up bananas, blueberries, the rest of the red leaf lettuce and finished it off with romaine. I have part of the romaine left and it’s the last of the organic.

I got behind a SLOW vehicle on the way down the mountain and I was late. I kept thinking, “Pull off and let me get by!” but it didn’t and I didn’t. It was just as well, because we met a State Patrolman! When I got to work, I missed my purse. I went out to look in the car for it but it wasn’t there. I was DOUBLY glad that I wasn’t able to get around that van!

The corn people came to the hospital again and I got three ears for the weekend. It was the same outfit but different young men. The one I got them from charged me the 50 cents that I’d borrowed. I had to take the deposit to the bank and I borrowed another $3 and got some Bing cherries.

Of course, I did what I could to get in some exercise at work. I did a loop around the building and timed myself again. I made it in less than 10 minutes.

I had some plums for my snack. Lunch was a banana/mango/spinach smoothie, cucumber, and tomatoes.

Since it was the aforementioned FYE, I called the person who posts our cash receipts and asked if I needed to fax the ones we had gotten in since I’d made the deposit. She said I needed to make another deposit and then fax them to her. I did what she told me to. I’m obedient.

Once again, I had to drive illegally but I made it to the bank and back without incident. When I got back, I had to walk to the other part of the building and I made it yet another loop. I figured I put in 15 minutes of walking today.

On up in the afternoon, I decided that it was time to copy the bulletin. I looked for the box in the bag and they weren’t there! When I left work, there was no reason to go by the church so I went to the roadside market up here on the mountain. I’d called earlier to make sure they had what I needed and I mentioned that I’d have to go home first to be able to pay them. The man said, “Hon, you come right on by and get what you need. You can pay for it later!” That’s exactly what I did. I got four homegrown vine ripened tomatoes, a watermelon, a cantaloupe, some cucumbers, bananas, romaine, and a zucchini. The last was blemished so I got that for nothing. I’m set for the weekend.

When I got home and unloaded, I started looking for the bulletin stuff. I had put it in the box, in the bag and hung it on the doorknob in my bedroom instead of the front door! No wonder I didn’t have it! I’m printing it off on my printer. That takes a lot of ink but it looks better.

Supper was a large piece of watermelon, a vine ripened tomato, some “chili” ( I was able to control the Tajin this time), and a delicious ear of corn.

Last time I checked, the forum was up to 31 members. That’s an average of six a day joining. At that rate (though I’m sure it will slow down) it will be over 2,000 by the time a year goes by. If you haven’t joined yet, click on Raw Food Lifestyle and do it! There are several on there from Roger’s How to Go Raw private forum. We should have some good discussions!

I’m going to go to bed. Imagine that! It isn’t even 9:30 yet! Happy Sabbath!

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