Here I am again! The bulletin is done did and I’m going to blog and go to bed.

I read a little last night in The China Study. I wish I had more time to read but I’m running from the time I get up in the morning until well after 10 every night. With all I have to do, it’s good that I have plenty of energy. I would have never been able to pull it off two years ago. I would have already been a quivering mass of nerves and my health would have been in total meltdown.

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The forum is up to 24 members now–make that 26, including me! I thought it would take longer than that to get two dozen of us but it’s growing! There are 32 messages. A small start but a start nonetheless. I’m glad to say that some of the members aren’t afraid to post! I know there are some that are just not “into” posting, too, but it’s communication that makes a good forum. That’s what a forum is, right? People communicating with each other.

I’m going to quit being profound and talk about my day. It started out with 30 minutes of exercise–that’s all the time I had to spend on it. I had OJ (I’ll have to make a run for more oranges on Sunday), and took my banana/blueberry/red leaf lettuce to work with me.

One of the girls cut up an apple and I had a slice. An hour or so later, I had three peaches and shared some slices with the others.

Somewhere in there, I walked around the building on my way to take some things for the courier to pick up.

Lunch was a banana/mango/spinach smoothie (I use at least two large or three small bananas in my smoothies), a cucumber, and four medium tomatoes, chunked up. I’d been sharing my tomatoes with whoever was eating with me but I was by myself today and it was almost too much.

Something else needed to go over for the courier and I took the around the building route again. And it happened a third time. So…I got in 30 minutes of powerwalking, all told.

I went into the breakroom for something this afternoon. One of the nurses I eat with sometimes was in there having a snack. She said, “I finally have something I can share with you!” It was a baggie with snow peas. I helped myself to a couple. They were really good and crisp. Very fresh.

I got home, checked the forums (I participate in two and have mine), posted a bit, read my e-mail, and ate a large piece of watermelon. I hadn’t had any “chili” for a few days so I fixed a quart and ate it. I went overboard with the Tajin and got it too spicy. It would have probably been about right a few weeks ago but I’ve been using so little of it that I’ve been getting accustomed to not having it. It didn’t even really taste good. I finished up with an ear of corn. This one wasn’t as developed as the one I had yesterday so it didn’t have as much flavor but it was acceptable.

Maybe I can get to bed on time tomorrow night. There’s always hope! Sweet dreams!

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