We’ll see how uploading goes tonight. I was wired last night and didn’t go to sleep right away, but when I did, I slept well. I got up earlier than usual and got a few things done online before I did my vision therapy. I counted the letters on the eye chart and there are only 23. The ones that have been left off are B, R, and W. Thought you’d like that piece of information. I figured that out when I was going through the routine.

I had an e-mail from Frederic Patenaude this morning that there were only 34 spots left for the Body Enlightenment System but when I checked tonight, there were 22. The deadline is Friday but I don’t know what time. This should be interesting. And beneficial, too.

Breakfast was OJ. I took my smoothie (bananas/blueberries/romaine) to work with me and forgot to take it in. When the time came for the monthly Department Head meeting, I went out and got it. I sat over at the side and sipped it because people always make such a big deal out of it.

The mail person didn’t have her car again today so I got out of the building for a little while. I stopped a couple of places and brought back a big bag of bananas. I figured they might not be raw after several hours in the hot car but I didn’t need to be concerned, after all. When I brought the mail in, I should have gone on to the bathroom but I didn’t. I stopped to call the mail person to come distribute it and that’s when the disaster hit. With the water, OJ, and smoothie, my bladder couldn’t cope and I had a small accident but it was enough that I had to come home and change. The bananas ended up in the house. Moral of the story–don’t put off going to the bathroom!

I’d taken three peaches with me but only got to eat two of them for my snack. The phone kept ringing and I’d have to swallow the bite almost whole to answer it.

Lunch was a banana/mango/spinach smoothie, a cucumber, and some tomatoes. I shared the tomatoes with a couple of the others.

I never got outside to walk today but it was a beautiful day.

On up in the afternoon, some men brought a pickup truckload of corn and were selling it. I went out with some change and asked for two ears. When I wanted to know how much, the man said nothing. I thought that was very nice of him.

After I took the outgoing mail to the post office, I came home and cut into the other watermelon. It’s a good one, too. I’ve been very fortunate for the most part.

Spaghetti and Corn

Then I got my Benriner Cook Help and turned my zucchini into spaghetti. I picked the top out of one of my basil plants and made some sauce with it and a tomato. That was my last meal of the day along with an ear of corn. It was all delicious. The corn was tender, sweet, and full of flavor. Now, go figure why that worked and my other pictures wouldn’t!

All the food that’s available is putting me in hog heaven. I love summer!

If you haven’t joined Raw Food Lifestyle–my very own forum–yet, do it now! Click on the link and it will take you directly into it. We’re up to 13 strong now and growing! It was listed at something like #360 on the raw food search today. It will move up tomorrow!

It’s still fairly early so I may get in some reading tonight. Hope hope. Good night!

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