I’m not even going to try with the pictures tonight. It’s ‘way too late to think about it.

I got up in a dead run this morning and failed to weigh. I’m sure it isn’t the end of the world. I got busy with Other Things and there wasn’t enough time to do all of my exercises. I had to leave off the Nordic Track and Healthrider.

Breakfast was OJ and a banana/romaine/papaya smoothie. So all the papaya is gone.

The mail girl didn’t have her car today so I picked up some peaches on the way back.

I had eight or so plums for a snack. Lunch was a banana/spinach smoothie. I’m getting low on something to mix with my bananas. That’s okay. I lived. I had two small cucumbers with the skin and some tomatoes that I’d peeled and chopped. They tasted like real summertime tomatoes and didn’t need anything on them to make them palatable.

After lunch, one of the fellows from Tech Management came and replaced a monitor that was on its way out. He left the box and said it was garbage so I took advantage of the situation. I picked it up, took it to the dumpster, and walked all the way around the building and back through to my office. I should time myself and see how long it takes. It had been raining but there was a break in the weather for just a little while.

I got to leave early since I was still filling in for the mail girl. On the way home, I stopped and got some more cucumbers and a zucchini. I had been eating the cukes with the skin and thought I might ought to find out if they had been sprayed. They hadn’t so I’m safe. I talked to the lady about their plan to have U-Pick tomatoes this summer. If I’m not mistaken, she said they’d put out 7,000 tomato plants so there should be plenty. It isn’t far from the stand which will make it handy.

There was barely a sprinkle of rain falling when I got home. I’d failed to take my umbrella this morning.

By way of food, I had watermelon, a mango, and a green drink (tomatoes, parsley, and lime juice).

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Better get to bed. It’s well past my bedtime.

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