I am having all sorts of problems uploading one of the pictures I took today. With or without everyone’s permission, I will do that tomorrow. As it is, I’ll be getting to bed late no matter what.

Breakfast was OJ and a banana/mango/red leaf lettuce smoothie.

Church was good but the organist had to play without benefit of the support of the piano. Someone had decided to have it worked over and it had been gutted. Problem is, none of the musicians were aware of it. I felt sorry for the poor girl but I didn’t presume to take over. She has to learn sometime.

When church was over, there was a hard rain going on. It finally let up enough that I was able to get to my car without drowning. I didn’t even get wet.

The pastor’s wife remembered something I’d told her a year ago. We were talking after Communion and I said that I’d just started a new lifestyle five days before. We had prayer and she prayed for me. It must’ve worked because here I am, still with it! I was surprised that she remembered. She’s invited me to their house for supper in a couple of weeks. I’d mentioned that I usually have a green smoothie in the evening and asked if I should bring it just for me or enough for everyone. She told me to bring a little extra so she can try it. She was asking me what I put in it–do I use wheatgrass? I said NO! I don’t eat anything that doesn’t taste good. I heard someone laugh at that but I don’t know who it was.

I got home just as it began to rain again and started in on eating. I ate pretty much the rest of the afternoon with enough time between things to let them settle. First, I had some plums, a banana/romaine/papaya smoothie, then a cucumber with a little sea salt (I know, I know), and some “chili”. Then I had a mango that was delicious. It’s one of the best ones I’ve had since my husband brought me a big bag full of them from Florida. We were living in Nebraska at the time and we moved back East in 1982. Then I had a big piece of watermelon. I finally ended up with my tomato/parsley/lime juice drink. I went a little overboard with the parsley.

Roger called and we played phone tag for awhile. When I called him back the first time, I left a message of me singing “Happy Birthday” to him on his voice mail. We finally got to talk. He was telling me about what he’d learned at Dr. Tim Trader’s workshop that he’d attended yesterday and today. There’s another session tomorrow. He’s promised to post some of it on the forum.

Well, folks, I was hoping to keep my promise with the pictures but I took them, at least, and most of them are ready to go. There’s just one that I can’t get on here. Tomorrow is another day (DID YOU KNOW THAT??!) so I’ll let it go for tonight.

Good night, all!

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