Happy Anniversary to Me!
One year ago today was my
first 100% raw day!

And I’m still alive! As a matter of fact, I’m more alive than I was then! It’s amazing what a change in lifestyle will do. I know it’s drastic and more extreme than what most of the population would be willing to undertake. For those few who have the desire, I say “Go for it! It will be the absolutely best thing you have ever done for yourself, physically, mentally, and emotionally!” There can be a spiritual improvement, too, with the “dark” days gone. There may be other things that outshine the total package–getting married, having a baby, and on and on, but all the other “diets” pale in comparison.

I got up, weighed, and am convinced that salt does make one retain water. I was at 129 and now I’m up to 130. I’ve had my water and have taken the one pill a day that I’m still on (though my dosage has been cut in half from a year ago), and I’m headed for the shower so I can look pretty for my One Year Anniversary pictures. I’ll take them and then proceed with my morning routine. On Sabbath, that’s listening to the Sabbath School lesson from PineKnoll in its entirety, studying the “Sabbath Afternoon” portion of the lesson from SSNet, reading the daily devotion and “Simple Living” on Guideposts, and finish up with The Upper Room for today and then go back three years and one day and read that one. I figure if I haven’t read it for three years (and I did read it then) I probably wouldn’t remember a whole lot about it. I’ve come across some really good ones that way. So–on to the day and once again, Happy Sabbath!

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