I ended up not getting to bed as early as I wanted last night and the same is going to be true of tonight. I did sleep well.

I did my vision therapy this morning as usual on a Wednesday. I could see very well with my right eye and reasonably well with my left. My oldest sister got the program. I’d like to know how she’s done on it but she hasn’t ever said. There’s one thing about it. You can’t fool yourself into thinking there’s been improvement if there hasn’t. If you can’t see, you can’t see, and if you can you can. You might wish and hope but that isn’t going to make it work. You have to do it.

Breakfast was OJ and a banana/red leaf lettuce (my last head)/pear smoothie. My snack was eight little plums. One was marble size.

I didn’t get out to sun.

Lunch was a banana/spinach/pear (again) smoothie, a cucumber, and some tomatoes.

I have the honor of going around and getting all the readings off the copiers so I can report them. The fellow from the company called today for the info so that was a perfect opportunity for a walk. I did my loop around the building and had to continue on to the clinic before I went back inside. I don’t know how long it took me but it got me outdoors.

On the way home I saw that the Tomato Man was sitting out at the stand. I stopped and told him I’d looked for him for two days. He said it had been too hot to sit outside. I’m sure it has. It was overcast and cooler today. He had a box of tomatoes that he sold me for what he paid. I feel like I’m ripping him off but he won’t take any extra for them. When I brought them into the house, I discovered that most of them will need a few days ripening before they are ready to eat. That’s okay. I still have a lot left from the last box.

I had a sizable piece of watermelon, a banana/romaine smoothie (a small one), some tomatoes, and a cucumber. I put some Tajin on the tomatoes and some salt on the cucumber to see what that will do to my weight. It tasted sort of strange.

I’m seriously considering doing the Body Enlightenment System. According to my Green Cleanse buddy, “I really started living the way I had always wanted to but could never just get there.” If it will do that for me, I’m in. I was under the impression that it was much more limited than it is. She seems to think that it’s the best things besides going raw that she’s ever done for herself. Sounds good!

I’d better get off here and go to bed.

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