I was in bed last night at 9:30 with the lights off and I didn’t have the trouble getting to sleep that I had the night before. Woohoo!

I got up and did all of my exercises. I had to cut down a little on the pushups but I did all the rest.

Breakfast was OJ, some peaches that were pretty sorry, five or six plums, and a banana/red leaf lettuce/pear smoothie.

I had to go get another weaker pair of reading glasses. The ones I got yesterday were ‘way too strong. I don’t know if I can take them back or not. While I was out, I got some more plums and an ear of corn.

No sun today! Too busy. I did eat the rest of the honeydew for my snack.

Lunch was a banana/mango/spinach smoothie and tomatoes. I was going to eat the corn but I decided I would get my 35 cents worth out of it and bring it home to eat in peace. I got out and walked all the way around the building which is a pretty good distance. It was fairly warm today with lots of sun. The high was supposed to be 89 and feel like 100 but, according to WeatherBug, it got up to 94. The humidity is fairly low so it didn’t feel really hot to me. From what I’ve read, raw foodists who eat an optimal raw food diet can tolerate temperature extremes. I dunno, but I was comfortable.

When I got home, I had some watermelon and then some tomatoes with lime and cayenne. I was careful when I sprinkled it in this time but I still got too much. I had my corn on the cob and it was decent though not as flavorful as the local corn should be later.

I was finally able to get the pictures of my savory drink (tomatoes, lime juice, and parsley) uploaded.

Tomatoes and Parsley

Here’s the before.

Savory Drink

And here it is, ready to drink.

I know everyone was waiting breathlessly for that.

I’d thought of something profound that I was going to relate but I’ve spaced out and forgotten what it was. If I think of it another time, I’ll jot it down. As it is, I think I’ll hang this up and go to bed.

Good night!

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