I’m going to get this done in time to go to bed and read for awhile tonight.

I “slept in” until almost 7. When I got up and weighed, I was down to 128 but I’m not counting that as official since it was later than usual.

Since I didn’t have my generic Synthroid, I didn’t have to wait for an hour to eat but old habits die hard and I did, anyway.

Breakfast was OJ and a banana/pear/romaine smoothie.

I called the pharmacy to check on my prescription and they didn’t have it! I asked the pharmacist (I’ve known him for years) if he could get in touch with somebody–anybody–who could order it. He said he didn’t have the slightest idea how on the weekend but he wouldn’t leave me hanging. I went by and he gave me three pills to do me until I can contact the office on Monday. So I didn’t have to purchase anything after all! That may sound legalistic but it was a relief to me.

I made it to church on time and went in and wrestled with the organ, as per usual. I’m going to have to get other glasses. The ones I have (I think I paid $7 for them) aren’t doing the trick any more and I kept hitting the wrong keys. I lived through it and so did everyone else so it wasn’t fatal.

When I got home, I fixed some watermelonaide. It was the rest of the watermelon, the juice of a lime, and, since the watermelon wasn’t too sweet, some agave nectar. It was delicious! I waited for awhile and then I had a banana/mango/romaine smoothie.

I dressed in my scanties and went out and sunned for half an hour. I heard the neighbors come and go and I don’t know if they saw me but I couldn’t see them with my eyes shut, therefore I was okay.

When I came in, I had some “chili”. It was three tomatoes and (what I thought was) a small amount of cayenne. The cayenne kept growing as I ate it. That was the only thing today (and maybe the agave) that wouldn’t be approved on the Cleanse. I’m going to pretty much stick with it for at least a few more days. I peeled and ate a small pickling cucumber.

I did some reading on the forums and posted a few messages myself. One of the “lurkers” had posted her first topic in six months and it was to ask me if the blog has helped. I told her I don’t know but it surely hasn’t hurt. I hope that she will start one herself. There are lots of people out there who are eating raw food but they share their experiences for a little while and then stop. It does take time to do it, I’ll have to say.

It was decided I would slaughter the latest watermelon. It popped when I stuck the knife in it. It was definitely heavy for its size. It’s very juicy and has a decent flavor but it’s a little grainy. I like crisp myself but a watermelon is a mystery until it’s cut. I had less than usual because of what I’d had earlier. I get a little chilly when I eat cold watermelon. I ran a tub of water and soaked for how long I don’t know. I’m usually in a hurry mode so I can’t stay like I used to.

One of the girls at work had brought in some zucchini and squash. I passed on the squash but talked one of the others out of a zucchini. I put it through the spiralizer and turned it into “spaghetti”. I took one of the Tomato Man’s smallish tomatoes and peeled it, then chunked it up and put it in my little food processor. The other day, I’d bought some beautiful basil plants. I need to plant them but they are just sitting there right now. One of them is getting pretty tall so I pinched it back and put all but the very top in with the tomato. That got processed together and I topped the “spaghetti” with it, then garnished it with the basil that was left. It was really good. The basil gave it a nice fresh flavor–as if that were needed. It was all fresh!

The plums are getting riper than when I bought them and are juicy and sweet. After my “spaghetti” had settled, I had a half dozen of them. They aren’t very big so it was probably like two regular ones.

Something I noticed when I was soaking this afternoon–I still have a big belly. Fat floats and it made me look like I’m pregnant. To tell you the truth, I still weigh more than I did when I went to the hospital 12 days past my due date for the birth of my first child. I don’t know if I will ever get down to the 118 I weighed with the next one–and he was born on his due date.

With that revelation, I’m going to close this down for the night. Sleep well!

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