51 weeks–one more will make 52!

I was going to get to bed early tonight–yeah, right! Seems like, no matter what I do or don’t do, I can’t manage it. I did play a couple of games of RussCell but they didn’t take long. I finished them both, combined, in about five or six minutes. It’s called “unwinding”.

I got up past the alarm time but I still was able to get in all my exercises. Once again, I had my OJ and banana/pear/red leaf lettuce smoothie. I’m going to have to remember that red leaf lettuce makes a really yummy smoothie. The bananas were very ripe which helped a lot, too. The pears are Packham–my favorite.

It was a busy day at work and I didn’t get outside for anything except to walk from one place to another.

I called the doctor’s office about my lab work and they still didn’t have it. I called the lab and the supervisor had me fax it to them. After the nurse took a look at it, she decided that I should come over to be seen. My TSH was .297 which is still low. I was weighed and, with my clothes, I was at 133. The last time I was there, I weighed 184. I don’t go often. 🙂 This morning, after I used the bathroom, blew my nose, and spit, I was at 129. My blood pressure was 118/60. I was seen by the nurse practitioner who is also a friend of mine. She and everyone else were duly empressed by my weight loss and she and I talked more about my lifestyle than anything else. The upshot of the whole visit was that my carotids are clear, my lungs are breathing right along, my heart is pumping, and she was going to fax a prescription for my medication to the pharmacy. A year ago, I was on 100 mcg. That was lowered to 75 mcg a few months ago. Today, she said she wants me on 50 mcg for six weeks and then repeat my lab work to see where my TSH is. Trouble is, I forgot to pick up my prescription and I took my last one this morning. I’ll have to go get it on the way to church and I do hate to do that. I don’t shop on Sabbath but this is a matter of the ox being in the ditch. I have never, to my knowledge, missed a dose since I’ve been taking it and it’s serious enough that, if two doses are missed, I’m supposed to call my doctor.

When I got back in my office, I had 1/4 honeydew and six small plums. Lunch was a banana/mango/spinach smoothie (I ate a few pieces of the mango), a cucumber, and some tomatoes.

Once again, it was a busy afternoon and I still didn’t get out in the sun.

On the way home, I picked up some more red leaf lettuce, bananas, and some romaine. I’d gotten some speckled bananas earlier when I’d gone to the bank and PO. They were in the car long enough that they are probably not really raw any more.

I dropped the bulletin by the church and set the organ up for tomorrow.

Watermelon was on the menu when I got inside the house. There’s enough for one more day and it will be it for that one. Then I had a tomato/parsley/lime blended salad that was super good. I had one tomato by itself and the good ones are the ones I got from the Tomato Man.

Better get to bed! Good night and Happy Sabbath!

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