It’s almost time for the Call so I’ll make this quick.

Today was vision therapy day. I got up as late as possible because I’d been staying up so many nights in a row that I felt I needed the rest.

Breakfast was OJ (by the way, I juice the oranges with a juicer that lets me keep ALL the pulp and most of the membrane–I have to chew it before I swallow it), some plums, and a banana/mango/romaine smoothie.

I made it outside for a few minutes but it was too close to noon to stay long.

My snack was cantaloupe and some more plums. Lunch was a banana/spinach smoothie (not delicious), cucumber, and tomatoes.

My friend, Sheila, and I left work maybe five minutes early and went to get our hair cut. I left my car where I buy gas and rode the rest of the way with her. We stopped by to check on Mother. Our hairdresser was very busy so we did our shopping while we waited. When we got back to the shop, I met someone I know coming out. She didn’t recognize me at first because the last time I saw her, I weighed considerably more. I gave her my card and told her to look me up. Sheila’s hair got cut first and then I was shorn. We came back by my Mother’s ex-house.

When I got home, I wedged my purchases into the fridge and had a piece of watermelon. It was a little late for it so I’ll probably trot to the bathroom tonight. I’d gotten some mangos and, for a wonder, one of them was ready to eat so I ate it. I’ve only had two green smoothies today but I’ll live.

I need to go brush my teeth and get ready for bed and the Call. G’night!

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