I’m gonna have to make this quick tonight so I can get in on the phone call.

First of all, I weighed 129 both yesterday and today. I don’t want to make my dropping below 130 official quite yet but it looks like it might be close. We’ll see what I weigh tomorrow.

I got up a little late but not too late to exercise. Since I had lab work done today and was told to fast, I fixed my juice and smoothie and took them to work. I had my usual OJ and a banana/mango/romaine smoothie. Plus some plums.

For a wonder, I got out in the sun again this morning. My snack was honeydew melon.

Lunch was a banana/peach/spinach smoothie, cucumber, and tomatoes. They were the last tomatoes out of that box and I’m glad they are gone. They weren’t the best in the world.

I took the mail AGAIN today and swung by to get 10 pounds of bananas on the way. They’ve gone up to 49 cents a pound. Guess that’s the price of gas.

The people were in town with their produce today. I got there just after the last of the cucumbers had sold but I bought some plums and a watermelon.

When I got home, I put a load of clothes in to wash and sat down for a piece of the not-so-good watermelon. It’s a little better the closer I get to the middle but I won’t be buying another seeded one there. The seedless one was decent but this one is very disappointing. After that, I had a couple of apricots and a banana/pear/romaine smoothie and a couple of tomatoes that are better than the others but still nothing to write home about.

And now it’s time to take care of Business and get ready for the Call and bed.

Good night!

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