It was late–for me–when I got up.

It was late–for me–when I got up. Best I can remember, it was around 7:30. I measured first thing and found that I’ve lost a total of three inches in the past week! I amazed myself and measured twice to be sure. I lost an inch in my upper abs, an inch and a half in my waist (!), and half an inch in my hips. I’m not too overjoyed about the last because I think I’ve probably lost enough there but my body is going to lose where it wants when it wants.

I did all of my exercises. Breakfast was OJ and a banana, peach, romaine, agave nectar smoothie. I had five of the little plums, too.

The morning slipped right on by and it got too close to noon for me to lay in the sun. My own fault.

I stripped the bed, washed the sheets, and hung them on the line for a change. I do like the way they smell after they’ve baked in the (almost) summer heat. It was so hot and dry that it didn’t take long for them to be ready to bring in.

The fig tree is getting enormous. It’s probably 10 feet tall and it has little pea-sized knobs of figs on it. Fortunately, the limbs are pretty flexible and I should be able to pick the ones ‘way up high. A couple more months…

Twinkle was sniffing around the vacuum (I’d been having at the carpet earlier) and when I moved it, what should run out but a mouse! She has been finding it, catching it, and letting it go off and on all day. I don’t like having it around and it’s an odd time of year to have such critters inside but I don’t want to have to catch it myself. It’s definitely given her something to do besides lounge around.

Lunch was a banana/red leaf lettuce/pear smoothie and an apricot. I decided to let that be it since I had a wedding to go to and I didn’t want to have to get up and go out to the bathroom during the ceremony.

I showered and got dressed in about the only thing that fits me now. So many of my clothes are too big. I’d told my friend, Sheila, that I would meet her at the intersection so she could follow me to the church. It’s her sister-in-law who was getting married. We met, they followed, and the ceremony was very nice. The church was beautiful (it’s the one where we had my mother’s memorial) and so was the bride. They had quite an array of food from raw fruit and veggies, vegan, vegetarian, and meat. The cake was one of the nicest I’ve seen in these parts and the groom’s cake was a huge chocolate one topped with chocolate-drizzled strawberries. I had some of the most delicious honeydew I’ve ever tasted, cantaloupe, sliced orange, and strawberries. I think I ate the melons and other food too close together and the combination didn’t set well. I didn’t really feel sick. Just uneasy. As with most raw food, it didn’t last long.

On my way out, I saw a young lady I used to buy crackers from. She asked me if I ever made them (she’d given me the recipe). I told her no, that not long after that, I’d started eating raw food. She told me that she and her family are headed that way, too. I gave her my card and told her to visit my blog. The last time I saw her, she was still pretty much a girl but she is turning into a tall young lady and very attractive, at that. She is slim and said that she doesn’t want to eat raw to lose weight but to be healthy. That’s my prime reason, too, but the weightloss is a nice side-effect. Funny thing about eating raw food–you can work it so the results are what you need and it isn’t difficult to do.

When I took my leave, I went to the produce place in town and got a box of oranges. The lady went through the whole box and took out four oranges that weren’t good. She replaced them with sound ones. I really appreciated that. She had put the ones she inspected in the lid and was going to put them back. I told her that I split them, anyway, to take them in the house so she evened them up and left them that way. It was easier for her to load them in the car, too.

Next stop was Wal*Mart where the nice fellow in the produce section caught me smelling the strawberries (or trying to). He asked me if he could help me and I told him yes, he could get me some strawberries that smell good. He apologized and said they’d have more tomorrow. I don’t go to town much with the price of gas going back up so I’ll have to pass. We got into a conversation about organic produce and I gave him my card. He said he would e-mail me when they get some more organic stuff in. I hope he’ll let me know when they have anything that’s good in the way of fruit and greens. He told me he goes by “MegaToad”. Seems he’s a fan of frogs. I thought that was a unique name.

Checking out was a big disappointment. I pick out the best quality produce I can find and bag it carefully only to have it thrown around and practically dropped by the cashier. After she pitched my pears in the bag, I told her that they bruise easily. She just looked at me and flung the nectarines in on top of them. I told her they bruise easily, too. She looked at me again like I was just trying to give her some unimportant information. She patiently explained that it sounded like that because it was heavy. I told her when it’s put in the bag, there should be no sound at all. I learn who does a good job and who doesn’t and I don’t burden the latter with my purchases.

When I got in the door here at home, I immediately changed my shoes and unloaded the car. I put everything away and checked my computer. There was a call from my daughter on CallWave but it was too late to call her back and eat, too, so I chose to eat. I e-mailed her that I’ll call tomorrow after work.

First, I had the rest of the cantaloupe. I’d e-mailed Frederic to see if melons are okay on the Green Cleanse. His reply was short and sweet–“Sure :-)” Then I had a smoothie of banana, mango, spinach, and agave nectar. I topped it all off with a couple of chopped tomatoes.

I forgot to call in for the Motivation Booster this morning so I’ll have to be sure not to miss it tonight. I still need to make the bed, too, so good night, y’all!

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  1. Vegan Momma June 12, 2006 at 6:37 am #

    You have done well.
    I became interested in Raw foods about the same time I switched to Veganism from vegetarianism (I’d been vegetarin since 1992). I ate mainly whole foods during my years as a vegetarian. I eliminated dairy about 1995 and was a “strict”, or as I like to say a “very happy vegetarian”. I was interested in raw foods because I knew how eating a high amount of raw foods made me feel. It gave me even more energy. I wasn’t doing it to lose weight or regain my health. I’ve already have those but I cannot deny the levels I’ve reached when the higher my raw intake. I had and idea I would feel better but not to this degree.

  2. Tommie June 12, 2006 at 7:35 am #

    I think that most people look at eating raw as a way to lose those unwanted pounds and then go back to cooked (and gain it again) when it is a lifestyle that will result in better health, overall. There aren’t many people out there willing to try it. Ours numbers are growing, though!

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