I slept in somewhat this morning. I didn’t exercise so I had plenty of time to get ready for church.

Breakfast was OJ, plums, and a banana/pear/red leaf lettuce smoothie. Today is the first day of the current Green Cleanse. My smoothie was a full quart and there was no added water.

The general fellowship meal was today but I didn’t stay. I had planned to but my sister wanted to meet me at the cemetery. I thought that was more important so I came on home.

I didn’t take time to change clothes–not even my shoes. Lunch was a smoothie of bananas, romaine, and the rest of the mango. Then I had a cucumber. I had blended up some tomatoes with lime juice when CallWave alerted me. I poured it in a glass and took off.

I’d thought that my sister might get there first but she sailed past the road and didn’t find a place to turn around until she got to the top of the mountain. I had plenty of time to walk around and look at things. The place had been mowed and I was thankful for that.

When she got there, she changed her shoes and here I was, still in heels. She exclaimed over how good I look which was gratifying. It was the first time she’d been to Mother’s grave since the stone had been set. She took a picture of it and then one of me and I took one of her.

We visited other family graves and enjoyed the nice weather. She gave me some pictures she’d brought from Mother’s large collection. Her daughter was expecting her in another hour so she took her leave. She did tell me that she would tell the others how good I look. Made me wonder if they think that I’m puny since I don’t eat cooked, dead, de-nutritionalized food. She wanted to know if I have lost as much weight as I intend to. I told her that my goal is 120 (interim) and I’m at 132. I get the idea that she might think that I’ll go back to eating cooked when I get there. My one experience of doing that makes me think not.

I was glad to get home and change clothes. After I got comfortable, I had some watermelon. It didn’t have a lot of flavor. I’m hoping it will be better the closer I get to the heart. I cut a long watermelon from the end and that way I only have to cover one surface.

It was getting kind of late but I put on my sunning clothes and went out for about 20 minutes. I’d gotten about five minutes at the church this morning so I should be okay with my vitamin D.

Supper was another cucumber, a banana/romaine smoothie (a rather small one), an apricot, and some tomatoes with lime juice and a very light sprinkle of cayenne.

I’m dialed into Frederic’s Motivation Booster Call and I’m the first to call in. It’s started now so I’ll sign off for tonight.

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