Let’s see if the uploads will work tonight.

Okay! Here we go!

Watermelon Beginnings

This is my mixture when it was still liquid but starting to freeze.

Ready to Pack

It’s frozen and ready to put into a container for the freezer.


Now it’s all containerized except for

Ready to Eat

what I kept out to eat. The kiwi are just decorations
and have nothing to do with the sorbet.

I got up and measured and found that I have GAINED in my upper abs. Not a lot but I haven’t lost any in the other areas, either. I wore a dress yesterday that had been snug the last time but it skimmed my bod. I did all of my exercises.

Breakfast was OJ. I went out and got a half hour of sun before I had the rest of my food. When I got back in, I had a banana/peach/romaine smoothie.

I got the sorbet out of the freezer later and found that it was a solid block. Since I wanted to strain it, anyway, I let it thaw. After it was liquid, I strained it and put it back in the La Glaciere and re-froze it. I had a dessert glass of it and I was right–it was much improved. I have a smaller container of it in the freezer that I’m going to take to work tomorrow.

Lunch was a banana/romaine smoothie and cucumbers. I was getting my tomatoes ready when CallWave alerted me that my daughter was calling. I went ahead and ate and then called her back. Since she has flat-rate long distance, she called ME back and we had our visit. There wasn’t a whole lot going on for either of us so we talked about 45 minutes.

Later in the afternoon, I had a good-sized bowl of watermelon followed by more tomatoes and an ear of corn that I kept forgetting about. Then I had three of my spinach pesto stuffed mushrooms that I finally got around to making. I may take the rest of them to work, too. By that time I was about done for the day and finished it off with a few really raw cashews.

I had an “I DIDN’T KNOW THAT!” moment today like I often do. There was a discussion on the Yahoo rawfood forum about high blood pressure. This won’t be of interest to the males of the population but the uterus helps to control blood pressure. How, I don’t know but I googled it and found that, yes, it does. There’s a book, The Ultimate Rape that is on the subject of hysterectomy and the downside. There are quite a few reviews of the book. Some are all for it, some are definitely against, and some are insulted by the title. In any case, I haven’t read it but I would appreciate feedback if someone coming across my blog has.

I’m going to have a perfect opportunity to get to bed on time tonight. I hope everyone has a wonderful evening!

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