Here goes another day’s activities and EATING!

Here goes another day’s activities and EATING! One of my favorite things to do, especially since it is mostly guilt-free.

My getting up time was leisurely since today was Sabbath and my day off from any kind of exercising. Breakfast was OJ and a banana/peach/romaine smoothie. I had forgotten that I needed to cut back on my liquid and drank as much water on arising as I usually do. I did remember to cut back on the OJ and I didn’t put any water in my smoothie.

Sabbath School and church were both thought-provoking and enjoyable and I was able to make it through with not too many trips to the bathroom. At least I didn’t have to leave my post at the organ today. I have been known to do that.

On my way out, I lied to the pastor’s wife but it wasn’t intentional. I told her that I was going to come home and fix some spinach pesto stuffed mushrooms but when I got here, it was so hot that I didn’t have the heart to crank up the dehydrator. Instead, I had a banana/romaine smoothie, tomatoes/Tajin, and a couple of cucumbers.

I went outside for a half hour in the sun and it was really nice. Not too hot and there was an occasional cloud. With a more comfortable lounge, I would have gone to sleep. Guess it’s just as well I couldn’t relax completely.

Remember when I said I was going to make mango sorbet? When I looked for my La Glaciere, it wasn’t where I thought it was. I finally located it in the top of a cabinet I used to store food in. I put the container in the freezer but never got around to making the sorbet. In the meantime, I had seen Alton Brown make watermelon sorbet using a later model (same principle) La Glaciere. He used ingredients I wouldn’t but I figured I could come up with something on my own. I put chunks of watermelon in the blender, added four squirts of agave nectar, the juice of one lime, and a dash of sea salt. I blended it until smooth and put it in the freezer container. I should have strained it. That’s something I’ll do next time if there is a next time.

Well, I give up! I have tried to upload pictures of the process three times. The first time, it gave me the address for the slushie I posted days ago. The other two times, nothing. Maybe I can get them on here tomorrow. Anyway, it turned out to be double dee (as my sister says) except for the bits of seeds that I should have strained out to begin with. I ate one small dessert glass full and put the rest in the freezer.

I tried to find a La Glaciere online but they aren’t being manufactured any more, from what I can gather. The Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker is similar to the one I have. There’s one on eBay that’s like mine though you can’t tell a whole lot about it because it isn’t assembled in the picture. The shipping is out of all reason if you can go by the calculation.

On to other things. It’s getting late. I had a large piece of watermelon and got so cold between that and the sorbet that I took a warm bath. Then I had tomatoes/Tajin and a large salad of romaine, cucumber, green onion, and lime juice.

Another thing about watermelon that I found out from watching Alton Brown–it has more lycopene than tomatoes do. I find that interesting because every time I read something about lycopene in tomatoes, there’s always a little aside saying that it’s better to eat tomatoes cooked to get the lycopene. Come to find out, that’s only because cooking concentrates it–but it kills vitamin C for one thing. And there are probably other vitamins that don’t fare so well during the cooking process. Anyhoo, (that’s for my sister) watermelon is seldom cooked. What with all the tomatoes and watermelon I eat, I should be fairly swimming in lycopene.

The pastor’s wife told me that two someones in the congregation are going to try eating raw food for a period of time. She wouldn’t tell me who. For some reason, eating uncooked is equated with fasting because that’s what she told me next–that one or both are going to fast for I don’t know how many days. Now a fast, properly done, is beneficial, but I have never fasted properly or IMproperly. However, eating a raw food diet can be damaging to the health if a person goes into it willy-nilly with no guidance. Since the human race, by and large, has been cooking food for who knows how long, it has taken a lot of trial and error to find the right combinations and quantities to replace the Standard American Diet (SAD). People seem to have the notion that I just eat lots of broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and sprouts and nothing could be farther from the truth. I hope that whoever it is will be careful and not make the mistakes I did in the beginning. Fortunately, I found Roger and his forum before too many days had gone by.

Speaking of days going by, this one almost has. When three more weeks elapse, I will have my first anniversary!

Good night, all! And sweet dreams!

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