49 weeks and counting!

When I get to a year, I’m going to quit counting the weeks. Enjoy it while you can! Yeah, right.

It was after 7 when I finally gave in to Twinkle and got up. She’ll reach under my door and meow. If I ignore her she’ll usually stop but she was out of food.

I did all of my exercises and had OJ, peaches (they aren’t as good as the first ones) and a banana/romaine smoothie.

The morning dawned bright and sunshiny but it had started getting overcast as the day wore on. I went out and got 30 minutes, anyway. It was a nice temperature and very relaxing.

My snack was another OJ/strawberry slushie. It was the smallest so far. I finished up the bag of strawberries that I’d opened yesterday.

I worked on the house some more and finished loading the dishwasher for its weekly run. I wash the things I use daily and put them in the drainer but glasses, plates, bowls, etc., go in the dishwasher. I, literally, fill it up once a week.

Lunch was a romaine/banana smoothie, tomatoes with Tajin, and a cucumber.

Today was my planned run to town to lay in the weekend’s supply of bananas and assorted other food. I picked the time of day to go so I would be sure to catch the produce people before they folded up their tents and silently stole away. Really, they do have little tent shelters they set their tables up under. It started raining before I got to town and I was hoping they were still camped out. I don’t know if they hadn’t set up to begin with or if they had given up early but they were nowhere to be seen. Which turned out to be just as well. When I wrote my check at the supermarket, I discovered it was my last one. I could have used my credit card there had I known. I went to the other supermarket (there are two in town) and got my bananas. Fortunately, when I filled up my car yesterday, I wrote my check for $20 extra.

Since I needed to stop at the roadside stand, I went on by and came home to get more checks. It was raining steadily when I got back to the stand. I got the things I needed there and asked about green onions. She didn’t have any in the cooler so she had her husband go out–in the rain–and pull some. You can’t get any fresher than that! It reminded me of one of the commercials that was on a few years ago.

The rain has kind of come and gone off and on all afternoon. I wasn’t here, anyway, but I wouldn’t have been able to get some rays if I had been. I got an e-mail from my son. He, my DIL, and my granddaughter had gone to a picnic thrown by his employer at an amusement park. My other DIL and granddaughter were there, too. The weather held until they were ready to leave.

When I got unloaded and stowed everything, I had some watermelon. This one is better than the other one. Then I had some tomatoes with Tajin. Once again, I’d let it get too late to eat a salad so I had a cucumber and let that be that. The cucumbers are very good. Sweet and crisp.

It’s a happy Sabbath and I’m so glad! My vacation’s over and I’m so sad. Good night!

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