48 weeks! Rolling right along!

I am going to try to get this done quickly and get to bed. I tried to snooze for half an hour after the alarm went off this morning. I prayed and asked the Lord to let me wake up after that long. He didn’t see fit for me to go back to sleep. I rested and got up in time to do all of my exercises and the rest of the things I needed to do before I went to work.

Breakfast was OJ. I took a peach, two kiwi, and a banana/pear/romaine smoothie to work to finish it off.

It was pretty busy but I managed to go outside for 15 minutes. When I got back in, I had 1/4 of a large cantaloupe.

The wife of tomorrow’s speaker called to see if it was too late to get the information in the bulletin. Well, I guess SO! I don’t make it a practice to go past Friday morning with it though I may have to next week.

Lunch was a banana/spinach smoothie, cucumber (my last organic one), and “chili”.

When I got off work (another busy busy day), I stocked up on cucumbers and romaine at the supermarket. I was hoping to make it in time to get some of the little cucumbers at the stand in town but they had already packed up and left. It was pretty hot so I didn’t blame them.

I dropped the bulletins off at the church and, before I thought, I set up the organ. It was already set up with a timid combination and it didn’t hit me until after I’d redone it that I don’t play the organ tomorrow! There was no way for me to remember what the combination was so I left it and came home.

It was hot in the house so I changed into something more comfortable and had my large piece of watermelon. The other half mango was still in the fridge from yesterday but it isn’t any more. I bagged some tomatoes and took them to the neighbor. He was happy to get them. He does most of the cooking for himself and his wife. I chopped up some tomatoes and had them with Tajin. By that time, it was getting too late to fix and eat a salad. I blended up some more tomatoes with cashews and had some “cream of tomato soup”.

I don’t think I included the last eggplant pizza in my food for yesterday. I think I’ll mix up some of the topping sans eggplant to have tomorrow. I won’t do that until in the morning.

I need to answer a couple of e-mails and go to bed. Happy Sabbath!

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