It’s getting on toward 9 so I’m going to get this done and go to bed on time tonight (I hope).

I got up and measured and had 1/2″ total inch loss. My weight was 133 for the second day in a row. I did all of my exercises.

Breakfast was OJ and a mango. I blended up bananas, romaine, carob, and agave nectar to take with me to the business meeting so I’d have something to eat (drink?) while the rest had their breakfast. Turned out that the person in charge had forgotten some of her ingredients. My smoothie was long gone before anyone else got to eat. She asked to try it and liked it. I gave her the “recipe”.

I helped fix breakfast by flipping pancakes. My hair still smells like them and it isn’t pleasant. I don’t like smelling like food.

After the meeting was over, I helped sort books until I had to go to the bathroom. It was being cleaned and there was no way to get in. It was getting close to 1 o’clock. I could do without food but not a bathroom. Since I’d rather be safe than sorry, I left and came on home.

As soon as I got out of the bathroom, the phone rang and it was my daughter. We had our weekly visit but it was a short one–about 45 minutes.

I had a banana/spinach/cucumber smoothie, then some “chili”. Later on, I had a large slice of watermelon. I’ve been kind of overdoing it on the Tajin. The next bowl of tomatoes only had a sprinkle of sea salt. I had a large-ish salad of romaine and cucumber with a dressing of avocado, lime juice, sea salt, and garlic powder. It was amazing! I all but licked the bowl.

My neighbor called and said she’d left something at the front door that she hoped I’d enjoy. It was a quart of homegrown strawberries. I sure will enjoy them but it’s too late to eat any now. They’re in the fridge waiting for tomorrow.

One of the women at the breakfast told me her mom was telling another daughter that I’d lost a “ton” of weight. She’s very thin and arthritic and continued by saying that I’m almost as skinny as she is. I don’t think so. She must not see herself as thin as she is. She probably weighs about 90 pounds soaking wet.

With that, I’m going to hang this up for tonight.

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