WeatherBug just chirped at me as a severe weather warning came in. I’m going to go ahead with my daily post so I can get off here and unplug my modem.

This morning was my “vacation” from exercising so I slept in for a little while. I cut down on my water, OJ, and didn’t put any water in my smoothie. It was bananas, romaine, carob, and agave nectar.

I dug around in my closet and found a dress I hadn’t worn for years. My mother and I had each bought one, just alike, and didn’t know it until we were visiting on the phone and she started describing hers to me. I had taken mine with me on a trip to see her (when I was still small enough to wear it) and we were “mother/daughter” the Sabbath before Mother’s Day. I have a picture somewhere of us modeling them. The belt wasn’t with it so I wore just a plain black belt that was really too loose even though it was in the last hole. The dress has elastic in the waist so it still “fit”.

Church lasted a little long and I was hungry when we got out. A friend tried to get me to go home with her and her husband to eat but I wasn’t prepared to. Her husband said they had some bananas and she said she had a bag of spinach but I don’t think they realize how much of each it would take. I don’t want to put people out so I came on home.

It was sprinkling when I started out and started raining when I got in the door.

Since I’d cut down on my OJ I had a glass when I got home. Then I had a smoothie of bananas and spinach. After that, I had half a large cucumber and some “chili”.

The rain stopped and the sun came out so I went to see where it was on the lawn. It was too far over to do any good. I came back in and it clouded up and started storming. So…another day without getting my vitamin D.

I got a large slice of watermelon and then ate a small mango. It was pretty good but I’m getting impatient to have one of the organic ones.

Later, I had some chopped tomatoes with Tajin and I’m going to have a couple of romaine leaves with MSP and let that be it for the day.

Tomorrow, I’ll have to get up early and go to the church business meeting. I can’t stay up too late tonight so maybe it’s a good thing I’m getting to this early.

Bye, y’all!

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