47 weeks!

Another week gone and I haven’t craved the first cooked food. That’s the norm. Yesterday, the Lunch Bunch was talking about where to get the best meat. That would have never had any pull for me but I couldn’t help but think they should read Mad Cowboy. The votes were for the supermarket in town that advertises it’s the cheapest food available. The cheapest meat has to come from feedlots and those are the cattle that get the massive doses of antibiotics. And the dairy cattle that have been treated with rBGH end up as cheap meat when they have been worn out from constant milking.

I got up and put in my full range of exercises. Breakfast was OJ, the rest of the organic strawberries, and a banana/romaine/carob/agave nectar smoothie. It was a nice change–tasty!

One of the registrars met me with some sad news. The sister of one of my former co-workers had a massive heart attack and died last night. She was a cashier at the supermarket where I buy my bananas. She was the one who weighed them twice the other day and apologized because she couldn’t wake up. I wonder if she was having symptoms then. One of the indications of heart disease is fatigue. I’m sure that she ate the Standard American Diet (SAD) and the local version is more fat-laden than most. She wasn’t overweight. That doesn’t seem to be a requirement, though. I called the funeral home this afternoon but the arrangements weren’t complete yet. I plan to go to the funeral if I possibly can.

I discovered that I’d left my purse with my reading glasses at home. I had struggled through a day without them awhile back and didn’t want to do it again. It didn’t take me long to dash home to get what I needed.

The sun finally decided to make an appearance this morning. I went out and got 15 minutes. When I went back in, I had an orange and a kiwi for my snack.

My lunch-mate was there today and not feeling too good. I’d taken an extra tomato so she could have some “chili” and she asked me how I knew she needed that. She said it made her feel better. I don’t know why. Maybe it seemed like “comfort food” to her. I had a banana/spinach/carob/agave nectar smoothie, “chili”, and the last 1/4 of the huge cucumber.

After lunch, the weather started going to pot. It clouded up and threatened to rain. I didn’t get back outside until I was ready to leave for the day.

I was the mail person this afternoon. That means I got to leave a little early. Fat lot of good that did me. I forgot my Mock Salmon Pate and romaine. I went back and got it and brought it home.

It was watermelon time so I had a large slice. Then I had some “chili”–by that time, it was raining in earnest and it hit the spot. I made a salad of organic romaine, cucumber (another big organic one), and topped it with Mock Salmon Pate. It was really good and the best MSP I’ve made so far, I believe. I have enough left for another meal.

I do hope that everyone will have a happy Sabbath! I’m going to bed soon. Good night!

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