I got to bed late last night and will again tonight. I had to see how “American Inventor” turned out and my votes helped choose the winner! Evenflo is going to help make the carseat a reality and bring it to the market.

I did all of my exercises this morning and had OJ, a mango, and a romaine/banana smoothie for breakfast. I was prepared to put the mango (a supermarket one) in the smoothie but it was tasty so I enjoyed it by itself.

Mid-morning, I had four large strawberries. The sun was trying to come out and it was reasonably warm so I went outside for my break.

For lunch, I had a banana/spinach smoothie. It was kind of small because I had to sort the spinach to come up with only good leaves. I also had 1/4 of a huge cucumber. As big as it was, I thought it would have hard seeds that I would have to dig out and discard but it didn’t. It was one of my organic cucumbers and, for the most part, they have been excellent. I’d taken an extra tomato so I could share my “chili” today but my lunch partner was out at an inservice so I ate it myself. I was pretty full by the time I got through.

I’d been having the registrars take turns training at the clinic this week. Things had slowed a little in the afternoon so I sent today’s designee back for some more orientation. Well, I should do that more often! The situation seemed to bring in the patients! I would no more get settled in my office than a call would come from the ER that they had a patient. I’d go to the front window to cover there and get started on my work when an outpatient would come in. When my 3 o’clock registrar got there, I took my afternoon break and went back to what turned out to be full sun.

After work, I went to one of the two supermarkets in town and got some bananas. They were speckled but the cashier was going to charge me full price for them. I asked her if they shouldn’t be marked down. She gave me the reduced price. Then I went to the other supermarket and got six days’ worth of baby spinach for $3 a bag. That’s a little steep but it would cost more than that to go to the other side of the mountain for it. I had questioned the co-op organizer about the lack of spinach and she said that it was turning yellow so they wouldn’t accept it. I’m glad!

When I got home, I had a large piece of watermelon. Then I had chopped tomatoes with Tajin. My raw organic carob had come yesterday (finally!) so I decided I would try a banana/carob smoothie. It was pretty good but I overdid it on the carob. Since I didn’t have time to fix or eat a salad (it’s bulletin night) I made another one and this time I cut the carob in half and added some agave nectar. It was decent. That’s something I’ll make again. I’ve never cared for carob before but I think it may have been because it was toasted. I don’t think that improves the flavor.

I haven’t charted my calories for a long time but I’d guess I went over what I usually have. I’m still stuck at 134. I’m wondering if I’ll make it any lower than that. People keep telling me not to lose any more but I definitely have some areas that could use reducing. I wore a dress to work the other day and I looked at my legs in the full-length mirror in the bathroom. I don’t have one at home which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. It was a shock to see that I have big “pones” on my thighs. They aren’t exactly saddlebags but they do stick out in a quite unattractive fashion. One more reason not to be seen in shorts or a swimsuit.

Time is marching on and I must get to bed. I’m trying to verify one thing in the bulletin but I’ll print it in the morning and give the people one more chance.

Good night!

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