Here I am, up late again. I should be in bed but it’s obvious I’m not.

I’d decided last night not to make a salad for the dinner today but to do Mock Salmon Pate on romaine leaves instead. I was up in plenty of time to do that and still get in my Wednesday session of vision therapy. I only did half a recipe since I had to use frozen red sweet pepper and I didn’t have a huge supply of it.

Breakfast was OJ and a banana/romaine smoothie. I had failed to start up the distiller so I put extra romaine and no water. It was thick and yummy!

My mid-morning break was strawberries–four of them. They are so big that it was quite sufficient.

Turns out that only four people brought stuff for the dinner, plus no one had told the honoree so it’s been postponed. Embarrassing. The food was put out in the break room and people helped themselves. I put mine out, too, and the ones who were brave enough to try it liked it. There was some left so I put it in the fridge so whoever wants it can have at it again tomorrow. I don’t know if I told about this or not, but when people want their food left alone, they put my name on it. It has to have a name and a date or it gets pitched. And if it has my name on it, people think it’s something weird and they don’t eat it.

My lunch was a banana/spinach smoothie, cucumber, and “chili”.

The weather was still too cool and overcast for me to get outside. It got better this afternoon but the office was short-staffed so I didn’t leave.

When I got home, I had watermelon. When it had time to settle, I had a small mango from the local supermarket. It was ripe but very stringy. There’s one of the organic ones that is almost ready to eat and I’ll bet it will be great. Later, I had chopped tomatoes and Tajin. My salad was organic romaine, organic cucumber, sweet onion, and organic avocado. No dressing and no salt. I feel jist is righteous!

And now it’s time to feed Twinkle and head for bed. She hasn’t hissed at me for several days. She used to like to sit up in the window in the bathroom and look outside but she doesn’t want to any more. I don’t know if she’s afraid of the great outdoors, or what.

Good night!

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