I slept until my mind changed this morning after getting to bed earlier than usual last night. In the early hours of the morning, it hit me that I hadn’t started the distiller and I’m out of bottled water. It took me three minutes to get up, fill it, start it, and get back into bed.

Breakfast was less than usual, quantity-wise. I cut down on my water, OJ, and didn’t put in water in my banana/romaine smoothie to try to keep from having to go to the bathroom so much during Sabbath School and church. It helped but it didn’t completely solve the problem.

Since the pastor is trying to take care of both churches each week, we were a little late getting out of church. That was okay. I don’t get weak and shaky like I used to if I didn’t get food when my body said, “EAT!”

When we got to the fellowship hall, I grabbed my watermelon and put it in the sink, ready to cut it. Someone stopped me and said that there was a half watermelon already cut and out on the dessert table. I told him that watermelon was going to be my lunch. He gave in and said for me to cut half of it up. I got a platter and filled it with watermelon chunks for me and then cut the rest of the half into wedges. I put out the marinated cucumbers & onions and the dip and carrots. One of the ladies was concerned that she should put a note on her dish that it had eggs, milk, and cheese but it didn’t bother me because it was baked and I wouldn’t be eating it anyway.

There were people who were envious of my platter of watermelon. They could have had the same thing. It was my choice and they had theirs.

The pastor’s wife loved the dip. She’d used it as a salad dressing. She wrote down the recipe and said that it would be healthier than a tofu dressing. Well, yes!

When I got through, there was about half of my dip and some of the cucumbers/onions so I gathered them and the other half watermelon and came home.

There was a truck with two men inside parked in my neighbor’s driveway when I got here. They about had whiplash when I came up behind them. After I came in the house, I heard the engine start up and they left.

I put on my bikini and went out and sunned for half an hour.

I still had a cantaloupe so I cut it and ate half. Then I had a banana/spinach smoothie. Later, I had some “chili”. Since my OJ was short this morning, I fixed myself a big glass and it was GOOD! I finished it all up with a salad. I put on some of the cucumbers/onions AND dip. I think it would have been better with one or the other but not both.

One of the Yahoo raw food forum members was talking about how long it takes to eat. It’s true. It isn’t “fast food”. But it sure is good! And I can eat it with a clear conscience.

Every time I’ve sat down this evening, Twinkle has wanted to park herself in my lap. At least she isn’t hissing at me at the drop of a hat.

It’s off to bed soon! Good night!

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