Six weeks away

Six weeks away
from being 52 weeks!

That isn’t long at all! I’m in awe of myself! Who woulda thunk I’d be able to do it? I hear “self-control”, “determination”, “will-power”, and no one will believe me when I say it doesn’t take any of those things. The only things it takes are to decide to do it and then do it properly. Those are difficult. It took over a year for the first one. The second one, for me, took a few days. I’m lucky that I found Roger and his forum early on. I know I’ve said that before but I’ll say it again. If I hadn’t let him make the mistakes for me, I would have probably been sitting down to a meal of fried taters ‘n onions, some scrambled eggs (yes, I’d have them for supper), and toast with avocado (unless I fried the bread in coconut oil). I loved fatty food and I looked it. My body was telling me to quit that nonsense, too. I’d have my salads and I ate a lot of fruit but it was all the bad food I was eating in addition to that…It was going to kill me, I have no doubt.

Enough of the soapbox.

I more or less slept in this morning. When I woke up, the sky was beginning to get light. I knew there would be no time for exercise. Breakfast was OJ and a banana smoothie with romaine. I eat so much of the same stuff every day. I try to word it a little differently now and then.

The weather was still cool and there was a pretty stiff breeze. The low this morning was 41.5 degrees F. The sun was out but it did little to warm things up until this afternoon. My mid-morning snack was the last honey tangerine (I’m glad I bought only three) and two kiwi. The kiwi were decent.

Lunch was a banana/spinach smoothie, tomatoes with Tajin, and cucumber. I didn’t take any cantaloupe today. That was a little much yesterday.

My carob order was supposed to come in today but it didn’t. I went on the UPS web site and it said that the address wasn’t valid and they were trying to find out where to deliver it. I e-mailed UPS and hope that it will come Monday.

I went to town this afternoon and got my cucumbers, romaine, and spinach to last me until the organic order comes in on Tuesday.

I’d had to send one of the registrars to the clinic today to cover for the girl who is leaving so the office was short-staffed. We lived through it. That will be a way of life beginning week after next.

When I got home, I had watermelon, tomatoes with Tajin, and a medium-sized salad with cashew dressing. I thought I was down to my last pound of really raw cashews but, after I’d opened it, I found almost a whole pound in the fridge. They’ll keep.

Tomorrow is the general fellowship dinner after church. There’s a guest meal the other weeks but this is when everyone participates. I plan to take watermelon, marinated cucumbers with onion, and baby carrots with Matt’s dip. I’ll fix the cukes and dip in the morning and the rest will be fixed there.

Think I’ll go to bed early. Good night and happy Sabbath!

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