I’ll be writing this during commercials while I watch American Inventor so if this is a little disjointed, that’s why. The bulletin is done and printed off.

Mad Cowboy is still holding my attention. I read until 10:29 according to the clock by my bed, turned off the light and went to sleep.

I was up in time to get all of my exercises in. Breakfast was OJ and a smoothie of bananas, romaine, and BLUEBERRIES!

The weather was dreary, drizzly, rainy, and cool. The sun would come out and then immediately a cloud would cover it. The only reason I went outside was to buy a couple of mugs at the “yard sale” for the benefit of the nursing home residents.

My break food was a honey tangerine and two kiwi.

For lunch, I had a banana/spinach smoothie, the other half cantaloupe from yesterday (I don’t remember if I included that then), cucumber, and tomatoes with Tajin. I tried to get my table-mate to share in the cantaloupe and she did take a few of the pieces but I was so full when I got through that I was kind of miserable for a little while. Not long because everything I ate digests quickly.

It was a horrendous day, all day long. The PRN person who has been filling in at the clinic is moving so I had to figure out what to do when she’s gone. I set up training for four registrars who (I hope) will rotate each week. That will take care of a month at a time, essentially, and will have the least impact on the schedule at the hospital. I know that I can’t make everyone happy all the time but this will come about as close as possible.

When I got home, I immersed myself in watermelon, then tomatoes with Tajin, and ended with a medium-sized salad with cashew dressing. I put the juice of a lime in it and it was really really good.

It’s raining again. We were in a deficit situation, rainfall-wise, but the way we’re going, we’ll need an ark.

I think this is enough. It’s been a long day. I voted five times for the man who invented the carseat. I think it would do the most good. The other things are nice for fun things to do, but I’d want my next grandbaby (if I have a next one) to have one of those seats to ride in.

Good night!

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