I stopped by the graveyard on the way out yesterday. There were a couple of flowers that had come loose from the arrangement so I put them back.

I got to the church in plenty of time and got a good seat. The program went off with hardly a hitch and now my granddaughter is on her way to becoming a Pathfinder. She came and sat with me during the times she didn’t have to be on the platform or up front in another capacity. There was an incentive given to get all the uniforms back. They brought in Ben and Jerry’s ice cream for each member who turned theirs in. The others could buy it. I ate my salad while everyone else had their ice cream and several people said it looked better. Some were downright envious.

There was a huge miniature golf course that had been built in the gym. I didn’t stay and play but went on to my other son’s place. He’d already gone to bed. I had a good visit with my DIL and granddaughter.

I got to bed pretty late but didn’t have to get up early. When I weighed, I was three pounds less than I was here yesterday morning.

Breakfast was OJ and a banana/romaine smoothie. I wasn’t sure that the blender would handle it but it finally did.

My DIL fried potatoes and onions and it had been so long since I’d been around something like that, I didn’t recognize the smell. She scrambled some eggs, too, and my granddaughter tried to get me to taste some. I smelled them and they stank. I’d taken a shower but when I got in the car, I could smell the “fry smell” in my clothes and hair.

Since I hadn’t taken food for more than breakfast, I had to leave about noon. I went to the store at the university and loaded up on FOOD. I’d thought that I might eat a banana or two but they were too green. I bought some to ripen and use later.

After several stops, I got home and unloaded. I was so hungry by that time that I fixed a banana/spinach smoothie and drank it before I put things away. Then I had an orange/strawberry smoothie followed by some watermelon. It was rainy so I didn’t even consider going outside to eat. I also had some Campari tomatoes and cucumber. After awhile, I had tomatoes and Tajin.

When I was eating my salad, my daughter called and left voice mail. I finished eating, brushed my teeth, and we had our visit of well over an hour.

Since it is now 45 minutes past my bedtime, I’m going to get ready for bed. G’night!

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