It’s early to be blogging but I have to leave soon and I don’t know that I will have a chance to write anything until I get back tomorrow. I’m not going to take my computer with me because there’s no way for me to get online at my son’s place (the middle child). They have a cable modem hooked up to their computer. My oldest has a wireless hub so I can get on DSL there and my daughter and her husband have a wireless network. I have dialup. 🙁

I got up fairly early for a weekend and got most of my stuff together to go before I left for church. I had OJ (not as much as usual) and a banana/romaine smoothie. I forgot to cut down on that and on my water and I had to go out several times to use the bathroom.

The pastor decided he would try to preach at both churches today. It was a test situation and it didn’t work out very well. I don’t know what time the service was over at the other church but he didn’t get to our church until we were well up into it and had sung several songs waiting for him. I warned the pianist that I would have to cut out if it lasted past noon and it did. I hated to leave, especially since I sit on the second row and I had to parade out. I was all too obvious.

When I got home, I proceeded to eat and get my food into the cooler. I started out with strawberries and then had watermelon (I figured that it would be late enough when I had to leave to be safe). I had the bright idea of going outside in the sun to eat it (I’d gotten 10 minutes of sun at the church). I sunned my legs while I slurped the watermelon. It turned out not to be a bright idea. I don’t know what kind of smell I get on myself while I’m out there, but Twinkle started having a hissy-fit when I came in. I put some Listerine on my feet and legs. I hissed back at her and then ignored her and she eventually settled down. She looks downright demonic when she gets upset.

After I had the watermelon episode, I fixed a banana/romaine smoothie. Then I had some tomatoes and Tajin. I figured I needed something more substantial since it will be quite awhile before I get to eat my salad so I ate half an avocado. I have my large salad and dressing I fixed last night in the cooler.

Now, it’s time to get dressed and get on down the road. Until next time!

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